Toll-Free: 888-436-1999
  • I appreciate all your team's support in walking us through the Dojiggy set up and beyond. Your quick response, knowledge and out of the box solutions enabled us to create a pleasurable experience for our users as well as our committee.
    — Denise M., Patrick's Pals Foundation
  • I am thrilled with the outcome, and I am also grateful for your considered review. I appreciate your commitment to your users.
    — Gary F., Stamford Dollars for Scholars
  • Dojiggy customer support is awesome. I would recommend your products in a heartbeat.
    — Roberta R., House of Hope Animal Rescue Inc.
  • Dojiggy has been helping us with our fundraising needs for 6 years and has simplified it for us to the degree that we are raising more money than ever! When we need technical support, they are quick to respond and always help us resolve our problem. I love doing business with Dojiggy!
    — Laura S. April's Child
  • DoJiggy has been the answer for us. Simple to use but still has extra features. Their customer service is always helpful and the web based product gives us easy access. I recommend DoJiggy for anyone doing large scale events. It makes fundraising easier.
    — Michelle A. CBCC Foundation for Community wellness
  • I Have been using DoJiggy for two years now for our Run, Walk & Roll. Their support team members have been very helpful. It wasn't a one and done, they continue to support me and the agency to hit the goals for the event that year.
    — Shane F. Cobblestone Art Center
  • I love this company. They helped our school, Village School in their annual Fun Run. They made the event a success.
    — Karen Jeffery Wheeler via Facebook
  • Thank you, Dojiggy, for helping our organization adjust to the custom HTML changes this year! We really appreciate the support of your tech team, and the improvements to the personal fundraising page are great!
    — Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota via Facebook
  • Car-Wash-Athon Pledge Drive - We loved this software it made our event run even smoother than we thought. It was our first time doing a pledge drive but DoJiggy was great in their support. We are definitely going to be using this software in the future.
    — Curtis V. Honolulu International Christian Church
  • DoJiggy was a great tool for us. It was easy to use and manage and helped us reach a record level of fundraising!
    — Trent D. Servants
  • This was our first time using a website to support our fundraiser and our experience with DoJiggy was all positive. The cost was fixed and very reasonable, the administrative website was intuitive and easy to use and the customer support was very helpful.
    — Paul C. NYIT Vocational Independence Program
  • We have used the platform for 8 years and have found no product better on the market that matches its value for its versatility, and functionality. Tech support is very responsive.
    — Andrew S. Ride for a Reason
  • The improvements they have made over the past year improved the functionality of the software. Very prompt customer support.
    — Megan G. TheFitWit Foundation
  • The platform is easy to use and it was clear that DoJiggy was responding to feedback as they worked to streamline it even more. We couldn't have been happier with our experience. In the end our school ended up with more proceeds from the fundraiser than any previous year.
    — David S. DeSoto Trail Elementary School
  • I have been very pleased with the Customer Service at DoJiggy. Everyone I have encountered has been excellent to work with. The software is very ease to use. It's a great value!
    — Tonya G. Conley Elementary PTO
  • We have used DoJiggy to successfully manage our annual "athon" event since 2013. The product has met all of our needs and simply outpaces other offerings - especially when considering the cost to performance metric.
    — Jim C. Alyeska Climbathon
  • The program was so easy to setup and the people at Dojiggy were there by phone or email if I needed help! Our families thougjt it was easy to use! We raised more money than we had in a few years!
    — Jody J. Scotts Valley Girls Softball
  • Was feeling a little overwhelmed initially, but the software is really very self-explanatory and easy to get started with. Any questions were very quickly answered. After researching a number of options, I'm very pleased with DoJiggy. Can't beat the value, too!
    — Cindy W. Phoenix Boys Choir
  • Our large WALK event couldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without DoJiggy! Customer support was great, and whenever I sought out assistance I was answered promptly and kindly. Definitely going to use for our event next year!
    — Rianna H. Our Community Place
  • Dojiggy can be a little tricky to use and get it to do exactly what you want. But overall it works great, and if it's only half as good as the really big and powerful products, it comes in at a tenth of the cost make it well worth it for smaller organizations.
    — Josh G. Strength To Fight
  • My event requires the capabilities for registration, donations, t-shirt orders, individual fundraising pages as well as a general fundraising page. DoJiggy provides all these capabilities whereas alternative software packages I've researched do not.
    — Brooke J. True Friends
  • Great value and easy to use. I can easily get all my data and customer care is quick and friendly. I will use it again for my event this year.
    — Aaron B. WAGS
  • We used DoJiggy to coordinate our walk this year and it was great! Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to communicate with our participants.
    — Eva E. Suncoast Humane Society
  • DoJiggy tech support and customer service is amazing. Every time I've had a question or a problem, it has been addressed within hours. I really enjoy working with the team.
    — Anne R. Friends of Ray School
  • We chose this software for usability on the back end plus the simple and easy front end interface. The sales person was extremely helpful in answering questions and helping get us set up.
    — Robin B. The GLOBE Academy

We have created the following demo websites for individuals and organizations who wish to try out the functionality of our services, allowing for an easy, hands-on experience with our software.

Guidelines for Demo Websites

  • Enter the email address where you would like to receive email confirmation of your registration or donation.
  • You may use the following test credit card data to run a test transaction on all sites except for the PayPal demo sites: 4111111111111111, with any billing address and an expiration date in the future.
  • The PayPal demo sites require a real credit card for testing purposes and a small charge (.01-.05) will be incurred by the card holder.

Demos by Subscription Type

Donations Demo

Donations Demo

This demo website allows you to make one time or recurring donations to an organization.

Events Professional Demo

Events Pro Demo

This demo website will allow you to test registration, sponsorship and/or product purchases. Volunteer registration is also included in this demo.

Golf Professional Demo

Golf Pro Demo

This demo website will allow you to test multiple flight registration for individual golfers or foursomes, sponsorship and/or product purchases. Volunteer registration is also included in this demo.

Golf-a-thon and Golf Marathon Demo

Golf-a-thon and Golf Marathon Demo

This demo website will allow you to test our Pledge, peer-to-peer software with language and functionality specific to golf-a-thons. You can register to fundraise, make a donation or pledge, and view personal fundraising pages.

Walk-a-thon and Pledge Event Demo

Walk-a-thon and Pledge Event Demo

This demo website will allow you to test event registration (examples of both free and paid registration pages are enabled) for your walk or other peer-to-peer fundraising event. You can also make a donation or pledge and view personal fundraising pages.

Special Function Demos

Multiple Events Demo

Multiple Events Demo

This website demonstrates a golf tour which occurs on different dates, in several cities. It includes a landing page with location options and allows for navigation through to the registration and information pages for each event. (This method can be used for all types of multi-date/location events.)

PayPal Demo for Golf and General Events

PayPal Demo for Golf and General Events

This demo website is dedicated for PayPal testing and will allow you to demo the interface between PayPal and your site. To fully test the functionality, you will need to use a real credit card.

PayPal Demo for Pledge

PayPal Demo for Pledge

This demo website is dedicated for PayPal testing and will allow you to demo the interface between PayPal and your Pledge site. To test the full functionality, you will need to use a real credit card.

Pledge Products Demo

Pledge Products Demo

This website demonstrates how your organization can use our Pledge software to sell discount cards or other fundraising items. As top fundraisers and teams are automatically calculated, awarding top sellers is easy. This model works well for school fundraisers.

Return to Example Sites

DoJiggy offers a partner program whereby businesses and organizations can resell our products and services. Partners include event planners, web developers, fundraising services consultants and providers, non-profit services companies, and other related businesses.

As a DoJiggy partner, we are certain that you will be able to build a new recurring revenue stream, provide new services to your current clients, and gain more exposure for your existing event services, non-profit, or fundraising related business. All partners have an online Partner Dashboard, which allows users to easily and securely access, manage and renew client accounts. The Partner Dashboard is your administrative control panel, and contains a database of current, previous and free trial accounts, as well as your detailed billing history.

Contact our Sales staff if you have any questions about the program. We are here to assist you and your clients.

Click Here to Submit the Partner Application

Partner Program Overview
•• Pledge Fundraising Websites
Seaside Le Mans
Seaside Le Mans

It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s family-friendly! Seaside Le Mans is an annual community event hosted by the Davenport Companies. Twenty teams of six drivers strategize to determine driver order, timing and refueling as they race Formula 1 karts along straightaways, around turns and under a bridge with 10,000+ fans cheering them on. Seaside Le Mans is a thrilling day filled with twists and turns and, even better, it is all to raise money for the Cape Cod community.


Founded in 1997, CALICO achieves justice and healing to abused children. With CALICO at the center of child-abuse investigations, professionals work together from the moment a report of abuse is made, with the needs of children at the forefront of their collaborative investigation. CALICO provides a safe place for the child to answer questions a single time from someone with specialized training to talk to children about abuse. The family also receives timely support, guidance and referrals to services. This multi-disciplinary team approach puts the priority on the safety and recovery of children and their families.

•• Golf Tournament Websites
Collins Golf Classic
Collins Golf Classic

The Colin Bodensteiner Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 to honor and celebrate the life of a young man who left this world all too soon. The goal of the fund is to lend a helping hand to students who share the same qualities that Colin demonstrated during his lifetime: a humble team player who cared about others; a responsible student free from disciplinary issues and a student active in athletics, extracurricular and community affairs.

Locking Arms Golf Tournament
Locking Arms Golf Tournament

Our Annual Tournament is an opportunity to share our passion for helping impoverished in some of the neediest corners of the world. Here at Locking Arms our goal is to raise awareness & then mobilize people – whether by engaging them in projects here at home, or by involving them in one of our short-term "GlobalTREK" overseas projects. Your participation in our Annual Golf Tournament makes you a partner with us in these efforts... and together we can touch lives & make a difference. Visit Our Mission page if you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do.

•• Event Fundraising Websites
Subsea Tieback Foundation
Subsea Tieback Foundation

The 3 Gun Shoot is a fun filled event where teams of all skill levels compete using a combination of pistol, shotgun and riffle to clear targets in exciting configurations at both close and long range distances. The event typically consists of 6-8 stations set up for different combinations of the 3 guns testing the shooter’s ability to change weapons while maintaining accuracy and managing mobility. Targets made of paper, steel and throwing clays are arranged in various layouts at each station to give the competitors challenging shooting situations. Participants will experience safe, challenging shooting scenarios, and multiple target setups not seen at other gun ranges.

Answering TTP Foundation
Answering TTP Foundation

Today I remain baffled as to how I ended up with this very rare disorder, and I am concerned for the future that, before September 12, 2008, I took too much for granted. What I do know is that there is much opportunity to improve the prognosis for all TTP patients. I sincerely hope you will support all TTP patients by generously participating in the Foundation's eighth Chance for Change event. Together we can help answer TTP." --- Sydney Bryant Kodatsky, Executive Director, Answering TTP Foundation.

•• Online Donations Websites
Mount Baker Middle School PTO
Mount Baker Middle School PTO

We are all busy parents with a million priorities and places to dedicate time. So instead of selling wrapping paper door-to-door or other time consuming and not very profitable methods, we are going to make it simple this year. We are asking you to please consider a donation of $20 or more per student in honor of Mount Baker Middle School's 20th Year! If every family contributes what they are able to do, we will reach our goal!

April’s Child
April’s Child

Thank you for helping to prevent child abuse… one family at a time. Child abuse and neglect impacts families and children of all socio-economic levels and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. April’s Child works with parents to build healthy and appropriate relationships with their children. We teach effective discipline, stress relief, coping skills and positive parenting techniques. And we do it in the place where it is easiest for families to practice new skills: their home. With your gift, you’re helping to break the generational cycle of abuse and its devastating consequences. Thank you!