DoJiggy's crowdfunding software is a complete online registration and donation management system for your walkathon or other fundraising event where your constituents raise money for your cause. Our crowdfunding software works for traditional events such as bike-a-thons and bowl-a-thons, to innovative events like zumba-thons and polar splashes where individual and/or team participants collect and track donations for your cause. Multiply your fundraising dollars as each of your event participants taps into their social networks to raise funds for your organization.

This easy-to-use crowdfunding software manages:

  • Participant registrations for your walkathon or other pledge fundraiser
  • Personal fundraising pages for each participant, including personalized pictures and videos, personal statement, fundraising thermometer, and goal achievement progress
  • Secure pledge and online donation payments
  • Sponsorship sales & sponsor recognition
  • Detailed financial & participant reporting
  • An online control panel for your participants to email friends, update their webpage, and manage and track incoming donations
  • Google® Analytics Integration is included
  • Product sales or included products with registration

With this customizable crowdfunding software, event administrators are able to easily configure registration fees, a minimum participant fundraising goal, manage event details, and generate numerous reports. Administrators will also consider the types of donations to be receive: flat-rate donations or per unit of effort pledges (common for bowl-a-thons, where donations are calculated based on the number of pins bowled). Regardless of the needs of your organization, DoJiggy's flexible crowdfunding software can help.

DoJiggy Pledge includes 100 event participants, each with their own personal fundraising page. Take unlimited pledges or online donations, and as with all of our online fundraising software products, we charge a flat-fee. We do not take a percentage of your pledges or donations, nor do we charge for set-up or technical support. DoJiggy Pledge is just $449 annually, with additional participant licenses available for larger events; see our pricing page for details.

Raise More Money with DoJiggy! DoJiggy also provides reliable and cost-effective credit card processing solutions so more money goes directly to your cause. If your organization already has your own merchant services account you wish to use, our software is integrated with many Internet payment gateways to provide your organization secure, reliable payment processing.

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•• Features & Benefits
  • Easy to create, customizable fundraising website
  • Online registration includes ability to join the event as an individual fundraiser or create or join a team
  • Pledge participants can log-in and maintain their webpage, email friends and family, monitor and enter donations and pledges, and view fundraising reports
  • Each pledge participant can easily customize their own personal fundraising page, which includes: up to four pictures or videos, personal goal thermometer, a fundraising statement, and comments from donors
  • Integrated credit card processing: Take payments online and have money deposited in your account within days (Merchant account required.)
  • System can accept flat-rate or per unit of effort pledges, before or after your event
  • Includes sponsor management and promotion capabilities
  • Auto-generated email receipts & confirmations for all online registrations, sponsor registrations, and product purchases
  • Detailed financial tracking & reporting
  • Real-time snippets that can be placed on your website to display the Top Fundraising Teams & Individuals as well as overall fundraising progress
  • Share links on fundraising pages encourage fundraisers to share to their Social Media sites
More walkathon/pledge FAQs >>
How do my participants create their personal fundraising pages?
Upon registration, your participants will create a username and password to access the participant control panel. There they can create their personal fundraising page, email friends and family and review their fundraising progress.
If I am planning a bowl-a-thon, can I take pledges per pin?
Yes, the system allows users to accept flat-rate pledges (i.e. $25), or pledges per unit of effort (i.e. number of pins bowled, miles run, pies eaten, etc.). The unit of effort is created by the event administrator.
Will I be able to easily track the highest individual fundraisers, so that they can be awarded prizes?
Yes, the system tracks all of this and more for you. Simply click on the appropriate report from your administrative control panel.
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