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Free Donations Website from DoJiggy

DoJiggy offers a free donations website to new merchant services clients. Sign up today for secure non-profit credit card processing and your organization will receive a free donation website for year-round and recurring donation campaigns.

It's a Win-Win

Free Donation Website with Activation of a New Merchant Account!

Your free donations website allows your school, church or non-profit organization to easily and securely process one-time and recurring donations year round. Use the donations website for special holiday or capital campaigns or as your on-going Donation Now option. Our donation software looks great on all devices and is easily customized to meet your organization's branding standards. Your donations are transferred to your bank account directly and settle in about two business days. We do not hold the funds and allow you to maintain your current banking relationships. Plus, the easy integration of your merchant account with your DoJiggy website makes our Merchant Services the clear choice.

So why not sign up for a new merchant account and get your free donation website up and running so your organization can collect online donations now!

Why Have an Online Donation Website?

While traditional methods of soliciting donations have been effective, such as speaking with supporters face-to-face, having a safe, secure and credible online donation website is important. A donations website makes it easier to receive funds from your supporters to help you reach your campaign goals.

Easy to Share on Social Media

Easy to Share on Social Media

During the times when fundraising is experiencing its peaks in incoming donations, having an online donation website makes it easy to maintain that momentum by sharing the link via email or on popular social media platforms. While the art of asking is still the most effective form of receiving donations, having a way to receive those funds virtually, especially through a mobile website, makes your efforts more effective.

Reaching New Supporters

Reaching New Supporters

Another perk of having an online donation website is the ability for new supporters to learn about your cause on social media posts as a great way to build brand awareness. Especially if you are hosting a cause specific to your community or appealing to a wide audience, sharing an online professional donation website is a great way to make a good first impression..

Momentum through Transparency

Momentum through Transparency

Another great influence to your momentum during fundraising is when your website visitors see the amount of support you receive from others. When donations from your supporters are transparent, new and returning supporters can see the credibility of your cause to further encourage new donations towards your campaign.

Easily Reach Out to Previous Supporters

Easily Reach Out to Previous Supporters

We can easily help you communicate with supporters from past initiatives, which will come in handy when launching new initiatives or campaigns that need fundraising support.

The Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion

Our free online donations page allows you to also set-up suggested donation amounts. Often times, with understanding the activity from your past campaigns, you can add suggested amounts to help receive the extra push in fundraising that may not have been there before, where $5 can become $10 and $30 can become $50.

Share Your Goal

Share Your Goal

For a given initiative or campaign, you can also make your fundraising goals visible so that your supporters know how much further you have to hit your goals. As you start reaching closer to your goals, showing how much more you have to go, often times, gives that extra push for supporters to donate more than expected to help you meet your goal.

Benefits of Our Merchant Services

  • Lowest Rates in the Fundraising Software Industry
  • One-day account approval in the US (4-5 days in Canada)
  • No Set-up or Early Termination Fees
  • We integrate your new payment processing account with our Donations software
  • Full merchant account that can be used for processing other donations and fees not taken on the DoJiggy website
  • We uphold strong PCI and industry standard security practices to protect your donors sensitive information

Benefits of Our Donation Software

  • Donors can make one-time or recurring (ie monthly or quarterly) online donations
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly donation page makes it easy to donate on all devices
  • Create customized donation pages to match your organization's brand
  • Get to know your donors by customizing your questionnaire when you receive donations, such as if your supporters would like to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Administrative features to allow key people within your organization to manage your donation website
  • Receive online technical support to make sure that your donation software is always running to your expectations

Streamline All Your Back-end Needs Through Our Software

Streamline All Your Back-end Needs Through Our Software

Donor Communication Capabilities

Communicate with your donors easily with our integrated email tool that can be accessed through your dashboard.

Powerful Reporting Tool

Knowing all of your numbers is one of the most important aspects of fundraising. Our tool allows you to get to know your donors activity, as well as the progress of your campaign during a fundraising initiative. Whether it’s a report to obtain an update about your progress, donor-specific activity, analytics about peaks and lows in your fundraising and more, our reporting tool can help you obtain all of the necessary data in real-time to make solid decisions in your efforts.

Versatile Uses of Donation Software

  • Event-oriented Donations: Easily utilize our free donation websites for event-based sales, which can include registration, ticket sales, product sales and sponsorships.
  • In Honor Of or In Memory Of gifts accepted
  • Recurring Donations: Whether you’re looking to have recurring donations from your supporters or you need to collect monthly memberships or dues, our free donations website can easily set these up so that you never go a month without consistent donations from your long-term supporters. Recurring donors even receive an account to log-in and manage their monthly or quarterly donations.
  • Any Online Donation Campaigns or Initiatives: Instead of diverting the attention from your website or brand, our free donations website assures that you have the same look and feel whenever you’re hosting a special campaign or initiative for your organization. Supporters never have to question whether their donations will be secure for one-time initiatives, as they’ll experience the same look and feel that you have on your organization’s website. We keep your brand consistent so that supporters can trust donating to your cause, even when it’s for a special campaign.

Who Uses Free Donation Websites?

  • Schools, universities, private educational institutions
  • Religious or faith-based organizations, such as churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and more
  • Non-profit organizations of all kinds of causes and efforts
  • Community organizations and associations, such as local sports leagues, dog park associations, community support groups, veteran support groups and more
  • Membership based organizations that receive monthly dues
  • Any organization or group that receives donations on an ongoing basis

How Do Merchant Accounts Work?

Learning about what happens to funds processed through your donation website is essential to picking out the best and safest option for receiving your donations. The process can be broken into three simple steps:

Donors submit their credit card information
1. Donors submit their credit card information
Donors submit their credit card information onto your donation website. One of the most important things to prioritize when choosing donations software is to verify that their merchant services stringently follow PCI and industry standard security practices. With sensitive information such as credit card numbers, address verification number and CVV2 codes, we meet these industry standards to assure that your donors sensitive information is secure.
Credit card authorization
2. Credit card authorization
Once your supporter has submitted their donation details, our free donation website contacts the credit card issuing bank to safely and securely verify that the bank card is active and available with the necessary funds for the transaction. The information is encrypted upon electronic transmission to assure that the highest security protocols are used.
Receiving the money
3. Receiving the money
One of the first steps when you apply for a merchant account is to set-up the bank account to receive the funds. Once your bank account is verified, the funds from your donation website will typically be received within 2-3 business days.

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* Clients receive a free donation website when our Merchant Services is used for all associated fundraising websites. A free website subscription is offered for one year, with half-price renewals in subsequent years that the organization uses our Merchant Services.