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online credit card processingOnline credit card processing, also called eCommerce credit card processing or Internet credit card processing, allows merchants (organizations and businesses) to utilize an online gateway for secure payment processing of credit and debit cards. If your business or nonprofit fundraising efforts are conducted over the internet, you’ll need online credit card processing in order to safely and easily collect payments and donations from your customers or constituents.

With your eCommerce credit card processing account, your suppoters can use their credit cards to:

  • Register for fundraising events on your online fundraising website
  • Checkout through an online shopping cart
  • Pay invoices for services or products
  • Make online donations

Your online credit card processing account offers a lot of functionality and flexibility. Even if your organization conducts face-to-face fundraising campaigns, people often prefer to make payments online, rather than dealing with checks or giving out their credit card information. Plus, with your ecommerce merchant services account, you can run MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) purchases simply by entering information into your online virtual terminal. So your account allows your constituents to make payments online and also your account administrators to run credit cards for constituents. This is a big advantage that PayPal and other processing methods do not afford.

Lower Your Fraud Risk

It is important for organizations to partner with a reliable and trustworthy merchant services provider to help lower the risk of fraudulent activity in an eCommerce environment. Our Merchant Services follows strict PCI and industry standard security practices.

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