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Crowdfunding for Schools

Crowdfunding for Schools is on the rise. If you're looking for an engaging, healthy fundraising event for your school, this is it. Candy bars and cookie dough sales just don't cut it these days with the rise of obesity and inactivity in our students and youth. That's why schools are turning to Fun Runs, Readathons and Reading Challenges, Color Run Fundraisers and Community Serve-a-thons to teach students about community engagement, get them moving, and raise lots of cash for your school at the same time. And Crowdfunding (or peer-to-peer fundraising) for Schools works for all age groups from kindergarten and elementary schools (with parental assistance, of course) to high school fundraising campaigns. If any of these ideas sound good to you - look no further, DoJiggy is the expert in hosting School Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Campaigns.

What are the Benefits of Crowdfunding for Schools?

  • Crowdfunding allows your school or PTO organization to expand its reach and share stories with a greater number of people, all while engaging participants directly in their school fundraising campaign.
  • As individuals actively fundraise on your school's behalf, it decreases the need for staff time, while increasing the connection that the individual has with the school and mission.
  • It is a unique way of empowering students and classrooms to raise funds on their own.
  • While it’s a superb way to fundraise, it can also help your school ‘friend’ raise as well. When a person participates in a crowdfunding campaign it allows more people to understand the importance of your mission, the lives that are touched by your school, and the needs that are met through raising vital funds and expanding reach through knowledge and exposure.
  • There are many types of events and projects to choose from - simply select what you feel will be a successful campaign for your school and add the crowd funding component.
  • Works for public schools, private schools, charter schools, elementary, middle and high schools, even Universities can run a successful campaign with crowdfunding.
  • No candy bar or cookie dough sales are needed!

In sum, Crowdfunding allows your school to expand its reach and open up new windows of opportunity by engaging students and teachers directly in fundraising. Get Started Today!

Utilizing Crowdfunding Software

Our Crowdfunding software is a complete registration and peer-to-peer donation management platform used for school fundraising events and university fundraising initiatives in which individual and team (classroom) participants collect and track donations and pledges for your school or organization. Crowdfunding for Schools with DoJiggy Pledge allows your school to exponentially multiply your fundraising dollars raised, as each participating student and teacher taps into their group of friends and family to raise funds for your school.

DoJiggy Pledge is a powerful fundraising software platform that manages your school fundraising events seamlessly within a comprehensive, mobile-responsive website and powerful back-end administration and reporting area. Your school administrators will have the convenience of adding student registrations, products and sponsorships with our user-friendly shopping cart. Creating and selling custom products such as fundraising t-shirts, hats, and water bottles are also included and always popular incentives and rewards for school kids. Administrators are able to easily configure registration fees or free registration, school and participant fundraising goals, and an event waiver, which participants read and approve to register. Donors access their students' fundraising page and make secure online donations to your school.

  • Easy participant registrations with few required fields
  • Participant import, for schools that want to generate pages for all kids without the need for online registration
  • Personal fundraising pages for each student and classroom/teacher, including pictures and videos, a personal mission statement and goal achievement progress
  • Secure pledge (ie per lap or other unit of effort) and donation payments can be accepted
  • Fundraising thermometers, leaderboards and macros to encourage participation
  • Integrated prize management system for top fundraisers and classrooms
  • Sponsorship sales & sponsor recognition
  • Detailed financial & participant reporting
  • Online dashboard for students and participating teachers to send emails, update their personal and classroom webpage, manage and track incoming donations
  • Included online technical support for all of your crowdfunding campaigns
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•• Features & Benefits of our Crowdfunding Software
  • Easy to create, customizable fundraising website
  • Templates for Fun Runs, Readathons, Color Run Fundraisers, Swimathons and more events that work great for schools
  • Each student and classroom (or teacher) can easily customize their own personal fundraising page to raise money for your school
  • Participants can log-in and maintain their webpage, email friends and family, monitor and enter donations
  • Works seamlessly with DoJiggy Payments and the industry's leading payment processors - you handle your intake of money directly and DoJiggy does not take any percentage of your sales
  • Allows your supporters to easily take an active role in soliciting funds for your school or university
  • Integration with Social Media allows students, teachers and parents to easily post fundraising pages online
  • Includes sponsor management and promotion capabilities for your local business supporters
  • Offers the option of accepting flat-rate or per unit of effort pledges (ie per lap or per mile) for your crowd funding event
  • Auto-generated email receipts & confirmations are sent for all online registrations, sponsor registrations, and product purchases
  • Detailed financial tracking & reporting is available in the administration area
  • Real-time macros for the Top Fundraising Teams & Individuals, Classroom Participation, Over Goal Achievement and more
  • Comprehensive fundraising software platform with everything at your fingertips

Tips for Crowdfunding Success at Your School

  • Ensure that your crowdfunding website is responsive and readily visible on mobile devices. The majority of social media interaction is done on mobile devices and your crowdfunding website will be accessed through social media.
  • Stories are of utmost importance in fundraising. Students and teachers should share their reason for loving the school and the importance of the funds raised.
  • It is important that individuals raising funds and giving funds are able to see the progress of their campaign. DoJiggy Pledge crowdfunding sites use fundraising thermometers at the campaign, classroom, and individual fundraiser levels.
  • Every crowdfunding for schools campaign must be able to be shared on social media with ease. By ensuring that individuals can easily share links to events and the campaign itself creates an ease in access for people wishing to give their financial support.
  • Your role as an administrator is to support and motivate your participants. Create weekly campaign progress reports that are sent out to each classroom so that everyone understands where the campaign stands in terms of goals and which individuals are the highest performers.
  • Weave a culture of gratitude through every step of your campaign progress. By making sure participants and their parents feel appreciated and supported, you will increase the likelihood of their enthusiastic support and future participation. A simple thank-you note to parents is much appreciated. And of course, incentivize and reward your students with great prizes.

Crowdfunding By Grade Level

Of course, there are further considerations depening on the grade level of your students. High school fundraisers can be largely managed by motivated high school students who love technology and gaming, whereas Elementary school fundraising is largely managed by parents and PTO groups. Read our articles on these groups to learn more about crowdfunding at the appropriate grade level for your students or contact us for information on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising for your school!

holiday fundraising

Holiday fundraising ideas are on the minds of many schools, churches and non-profit organizations at this time of year. Many plan holiday festivities and Christmas events to celebrate the holiday season with family, friends and community members. Others offer sales of popular holiday items such as candles, wreaths, gift wrapping paper, chocolate, cookie dough, and more. Since most people are buying gifts and spending more money during the holiday season, this is a great opportunity to boost your fundraising before year's end.

Is your organization looking for new holiday fundraising ideas? We've done the research and created these suggestions for the 10 Best Holiday and Christmas Fundraising Campaigns.

Run a Christmas Walk-a-thon or Fun Run

Holiday Themed Fun Runs are a great Christmas or Holiday Fundraising idea. Have your runners dressing like their favorite Christmas character - you'll have lots of Santas and Mrs. Clauses, Santa's elves, Charlie Brown and many more. Or make your run a Color Run fundraiser where runners wear white and you use only red and green color powder. Make it fun and festive and your supporters will get excited about an event that allows them to support your organization and get some exercise. Use DoJiggy's Walk-a-thon software to assist with registration and sponsorship sales. Each runner has a personal fundraising page with a fundraising thermometer and links to social media, allowing your organization to reach new supporters, just in time for year-end appeals

Organize a Yoga Workshop or Series

Another unique holiday fundraising idea is to host a yoga workshop or series. Yoga classes are certain to spark an interest in many of your supporters and donors and everyone could stand a little extra mindfulness during the holidays. Plan a day of varied yoga classes at all levels of fitness and practice (Yoga Basics, Yoga for Children, Iyengar, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Restorative). Teach your children and community that yoga is for everyone by including something for everyone. Sell tickets at the door and on your fundraising event website. Invite food vendors and sponsors that promote healthy eating to advocate the importance of eating well for ourselves and our planet. Consider including a holiday bazaar of yoga and healthy lifestyle gifts.

Sell Discount Shopping Cards Online

With the holidays right around the corner, people are getting ready to dig into their wallets and start spending. Yet, they are also looking for great deals and ways to save money - especially in this economy. What a perfect time to launch a fundraiser for your school, church or non-profit organization by offering discount shopping cards. A discount card fundraiser is not only a great tool for raising money, but also for spreading awareness about your organization as the cards generally allow for customization with your organization or group's logo and tagline.

What exactly is a discount card & how much does it cost?

A discount shopping card is a wallet-sized card with a selection of prearranged discounts at local businesses and national merchants in your area. Each card sells for around $10-$25 and provides for unlimited usage of special offers for one year. Your organization can set a card price or allow buyers to select a donation amount in exchange for a discount card. The organization should require a minimum donation that covers expenses and a small donation, yet allow donors to donate more per card.

How do I manage card sales and participant donations?

This is where DoJiggy can help! With our crowdfunding platform, each of your sellers (event participants) registers online and creates their own fundraising page with pictures and videos, a mission statement, and a fundraising thermometer that goes up as they reach their fundraising goal. Participants send emails to friends and family who securely make donations and card sales. DoJiggy Pledge will also track total dollars earned, top fundraising individuals and teams, and much more, making managing the program seamless for the fundraising event organizer. The added incentive of competition and prizes and awards for the top fundraisers will allow your organization to raise more money this holiday season.

Organize a Dining Out in the Community Event

One of the more scrumptious holiday fundraisers is an evening of dining out at local restaurants. Everyone in the community is invited to have dinner, eat well and help raise funds for your charity. What a great idea for busy families to combine an evening out for your cause with holiday shopping. The restaurant donates 10-20% of its pretax sales to your organization or charitable cause. Advertise one or more restaurants with their menu for a week on your nonprofit’s website and social media channels to boost participation in the event.

Throw a Christmas or Holiday Gala with Live and Silent Auctions

Holiday fundraising galas can be great signature events for a non-profit organization. People are generally feeling happy and giving, and ready to celebrate. You will need a great location that can be beautifully decorated for the season. Sell tickets and sponsorships online with our event management software and use the event to kick off your year-end giving campaign.

A holiday or Christmas Gala is a great place to launch a charity auction. If you've decided to have a holiday event, then you've already committed to planning, hiring volunteers, and reaching out to your community to promote the event...Why not include an opportunity to raise some extra dollars for your cause? Holiday fundraising auctions can draw large dollars. For one, people are in the giving mood and two; you're not only approaching them for donations, but also inviting them to enjoy themselves at the same time. Consider offering our auction travel packages and someone may just bid on a perfect Christmas gift.

Ask your organization's supporters and local businesses to donate in-kind items which are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Examples of items include gift certificates, sports-team memorabilia, antiques, holiday necessities (wreaths, candles, etc.), dinner donations from local restaurants or time or talent from local community members such as free piano lessons, knitting or other crafts lessons, handyman for a day, or even baked goods. Only use the large items for the live auction and include a raffle fundraiser or silent auction for items of lower value.

Host a Serve-a-thon or Offer Services During the Busy Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly... but may also be the season to be stressed! All of the fun activities we've added to our calendars (traveling to see friends and family, attending Christmas parties, shopping trips, finding time to bake cookies, and decorating your home and tree), all take time! And often, people have a hard time fitting all of these new plans into their busy schedules. Why not create a fundraising campaign that offers various holiday services? Not only will you be helping people check things off their to-do list during the busiest time of year, but you'll also be raising extra dollars for your cause.

Create a holiday service with a fun name such as Helpful Holiday Elves. Then promote your service throughout the community. Perhaps you'd like to provide childcare services so parents can do their holiday shopping or attend company Christmas parties? Another idea would be to offer actual shopping or gift-wrapping stations where people drop off their shopping lists or pre-purchased gifts, and pick them up later wrapped, labeled, and looking beautiful. You'll raise money by charging a fee for your services or by nonprofit crowdfunding and offering services to those in need with a serve-a-thon, and with an additional explanation about the reason for your fundraiser, your supporters may be willing to throw in a few extra dollars to support a worthy cause.

Hold a Breakfast or Brunch Fundraiser

The nice thing about a breakfast fundraiser, is that it does not take nearly the amount of time to organize as a large fundraising event, but it can still raise a significant amount of funds while bringing members of your organization and the community together in a social setting. In order to be successful, however you must be organized and plan well in advance. This starts by bringing a team of individuals together to brainstorm ideas, set a fundraising event budget, timelines, and assign responsibilities. By allocating different duties to each individual, members do not feel overwhelmed and can take ownership of their part in the big picture. Perhaps someone can manage the nonprofit fundraising website, where someone else works directly with the volunteers. Another person can handle securing a location and purchasing all the necessary materials, where someone else takes control of fundraising event promotion. See our article on organizing a breakfast fundraiser to get started.

Hold a Christmas Raffle

While a raffle fundraiser can be combined with virtually any special event, it can also be a successful Christmas fundraiser in and of itself. If your school or organization wants to raise $5,000 or even more on a fundraising raffle, you can certainly do so, by making some smart investments in your raffle. Though you always want to ask for in-kind donations first, don't limit your fundraising raffle to donated items. This is a mistake that many organizations make, as they want to keep all of the raffle proceeds. Yet organizations can raise far more money with desirable, high-value items. We’re not talking about $1 raffles here, in this case, donated prizes are fine and necessary to raise money. But if your school or organization wants to raise $5,000, $10,000 or even more on a fundraising raffle, you will likely need to purchase the grand prize. DoJiggy offers great auction travel packages that can be reserved and do not need to be purchased until after the raffle or when you have made enough money in proceeds to cover the cost of these unique experiences. This also allows your organization to host a popular Winner's Choice raffle, where the winner chooses from a list of vacation package options.

You will also need to consider prizes and incentives for your fundraisers, if you want to reach a high fundraising goal with a raffle. After all, the number of raffle tickets you sell is key.

DoJiggy offers a complete donation management system for fundraising raffles, where your organization’s volunteers collect raffle donations. With our crowdfunding software, each seller creates and manages a personal fundraising page and invites friends and family to make secure raffle donations on the page. Each donation of a certain amount qualifies the donor for a raffle ticket. An online tool like this makes it easy for your supporters to promote the raffle fundraiser and for the organization to track which students or groups (classes, clubs) raise the most money. Fundraising thermometers and leaderboards are included in your website template, so everyone can track fundraising progress. Ticket sellers can set up a link to their fundraising page on Facebook or other social media page, or email neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and anyone in their address book. The added incentive of offering prizes to the top fundraisers will help your organization or school raise more money on your next fundraising raffle.

Produce a School Concert Series

A school concert series is a great holiday fundraiser for schools. Give the music department an opportunity to show off its talent and showcase holiday songs. Hold a concert each week during the month of December with solo performers, trios and duets. Add a night of choral music. Engage your community in your work and charge for each concert. Once the audience attends the first one, they’ll want more. Allow donors an opportunity to speak to the performers afterwards by hosting a VIP party. Perhaps sell raffle tickets or host a bake sale during the intermission. Create a beautiful special event website to sell tickets online and include videos of student performances to get people excited.

Organize Christmas Decorations Workshops

People love getting into the spirit with holiday decorations and parents love just about anything their children make. So why not offer a children's ornament-making workshop? This might work really well for a church fundraising idea. Provide the workshop during Sunday services, and charge a small fee for children to participate. Following services, sell decorated ornaments along with food and beverages (donated from a local restaurant). Not only do ornaments make a perfect addition to your family Christmas tree, but they make great gifts for grandparents.

For adults, you may want to consider a Christmas wreath making workshop or a Christmas cookie baking party where people can learn creative decorating techniques and new recipes. Consider online workshop registration with DoJiggy to manage your registration fees and participant lists. Ask local shops and bakeries to donate decorations, ingredients, and instructors for the workshop, in exchange for sponsorship visibility on your registration website. Whatever Christmas fundraiser you choose, don't forget to have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

DoJiggy's Fundraising Software Makes Hosting Holiday Fundraising Events Easy & Effective

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

Still looking for ideas?

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Sample Press Release for Walkathon

Press releases are a great way to spread the word about your fundraising events. The local media is always interested in activities and events happening in the community, especially when there is a positive angle, such as an opportunity for the public to give back.

Looking for a sample press release for a walkathon? Here are a few tips to help you successfully promote your walkathon or charity Walk/Run/Ride event through the local media. Download our sample press release for a walkathon to get started.

Writing Your Walkathon or Fundraising Event Press Release

Your walkathon press release needs to give the essential details of your event, but should also be short and sweet. Leave some questions for a reporter to ask. Without the need for questions, there is not much reason for a reporter to attend the event or call to ask for more information.

General Press Release Guidelines

  • Print the press release on company or organization letterhead
  • Write a title to announce your event in bold caps
  • Write the main content for the release, remembering to keep it short, but informative. Including essentials is key (who, what, when, where, why), as is leaving some "interest factor" or element of surprise
  • Include a human interest factor such as a quote from a representative of the organization, sponsor or someone well-known in the local community
  • Write the press release in a professional and objective tone and make sure to proof thoroughly so there are no errors
  • Summarize the release
  • Be sure to include organization contact information and ways to get involved

If you are using DoJiggy's Crowdfunding Software to collect online donations, consider having your event press release distributed through an online service like PRWeb or Make sure to include a live link directly from the release to the online donation page provided by DoJiggy. This is also a great way to spread the word about your event by making your release visible across the web.

For help writing your event press release, download our sample press release for a walkathon.

Pre-Event Walkathon Press Release

Distribute a press release six months in advance to announce the upcoming walkathon or charity event. Make sure to not only distribute this to editors, but also editorial calendars in your local papers and "what's happening" magazines. In addition to the walkathon date, be sure to include information about the benefitting organization, details about where participants can sign up, and contact information. You don't need to have every detail worked out at this point. You can still be in your planning phase, but this "early release" will put your walk on the radar screen for media and give you the chance to be featured in monthly or quarterly publications that have longer lead times. It also starts the buzz about the upcoming event generating interest in possible participants and local businesses looking for a way to give back to the local community.

Week of the Walkathon Press Release

The week of your walkathon or charity event, you should update your earlier release by fattening out the details. At this point you should have sponsors signed up and this is a good time to mention them. You may also have booked entertainment or local celebrities, make sure to highlight these points. Include basic event details such as: location, start time, registration information, and prizes. At this time you may also want to reference how well the fundraising efforts are going. Have you reached your fundraising goal? And if not, perhaps this is a call to request for last minute walkers and support for your cause.

Post Event Press Release

Following your walkathon, you may want to do one more press release to summarize the event and your fundraising efforts. Were you able to accomplish your goals? What was the event turnout like? Perhaps mention sponsors and local businesses or individuals that went above and beyond. You may also want to highlight top fundraising individuals or teams, celebrity involvement, and any fun details from the walkathon celebration.

More Walkathon Resources

For much more detailed information about hosting a walkathon event, download our FREE guide: How to Organize a Walkathon Guide - Your complete guide to hosting a walkathon. This comprehensive, step-by-step manual is intended for walk-a-thon organizers and offers detailed references to everything practical and necessary when it comes to putting on a successful walk-a-thon event.

Visit our Walk-a-thon Resource Center for additional information and sample documents including walkathon flyer templates, walkathon pledge forms, and more.

Golf Tournament Planning Guide & Checklist

Free Download - How to Organize a Walkathon: A Complete Guide to Hosting a Walkathon

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