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High School Fundraising

Interested in raising money for your high school or school group? Need some new ideas for high school fundraising? We're here to help!

High school fundraising initiatives tend to be very successful and here's why. When it comes to high school fundraising, students have a new awakening. Elementary school kids can be introduced to fundraising ideas and they embrace it with their energy and eagerness to try anything new, but it is their parents' enthusiasm to get involved that really makes fundraising happen. Not so with high school fundraising. When students reach high school, fundraising is a whole new game. Students have passions for sports or arts programs they are involved in, they join clubs with people sharing common interests, and they also begin to develop a strong belief system. They are eager to make a difference, support a cause, and therefore are more likely to embrace a fundraising initiative that supports their passions and beliefs. High school students also find benefit in the organizational and social skills they learn through fundraising efforts. Young adults no longer need their parents to actively help with the fundraiser, although parental encouragement is certainly important to keep them positive and working hard to accomplish their goals.

25 High School Fundraising Ideas

There are endless fundraising options for high school students and groups. Be creative and remember to ask students for their input and ideas when planning a high school fundraiser. They may provide some out-of-the-box, creative thinking, and possibly suggest fundraisers more relevant for the target audience. Besides, they like it when you ask for their input. Here are 25 great High School Fundraising Ideas to get you started.

Our Top 25 High School Fundraising Ideas

  1. School Walk-a-thons - Hosting a School Walkathon or Fun Run is a healthy alternative to selling cookie dough or chocolate and encourages teamwork, health and wellness. Students create personal fundraising pages and solicit donations online. Some schools add in an obstacle course fundraiser or endurance event for high schoolers.
  2. Color Run Fundraisers - Similar to a Fun Run, Color Run fundraisers have really taken off for high school students and groups. The planning is very similar to a Fun Run, but you add in color paint to increase the fun.
  3. Service Projects - Hosting a School Serve-a-thon is a peer-to-peer variation where students give back to the community by selecting a community service project to complete. Donations are made via your peer-to-peer website in support of the project and student efforts. Make the service theme relevant to the sports team, music/art group, or special-interest club that is completing the project (if relevant) and consider teaming up with a local non-profit organization on the project.
  4. Polar Plunges - Polar Plunges are popular winter events where fundraisers jump into a freezing lake or even the ocean to raise money for your school. Be sure that each fundraiser personalizes their fundraising page, to ensure fundraising success.
  5. Farm to Table Dinners - Farm to Table dinners teach students and guests alike about environmental practices while raising money for your school. These are best hosted at a local farm or ranch - taking the diners right to the source.
  6. Dancing with the Stars - Have the dance or cheerleading team host a "Dancing with the Stars" event that includes teachers, school administrators and coaches as the Stars.
  7. Student Cooked Gala - Invite students to help a local chef cook a dinner and host a gala event by selling tickets online. Along with the gourmet dinner, include entertainment such as student poetry and student bands. Don't forget to add a fundraising raffle and/or silent auction to raise more money.
  8. Sales Contests - Sales Contests have been around school fundraising forever. Have students sell fundraising discount cards or other useful products and provide incentives for top sellers, to motivate and encourage competition. Sales around the holidays are always more lucrative, as everyone is looking for gifts and feeling the holiday spirit. Yes, you can do chocolate bars or cookie dough sales at this time, but healthy alternatives are also available now. The difference now is that students can sell products online and you can track the sales on their personal fundraising pages.
  9. Golf Tournaments - Fundraising Golf tournaments are a great fundraising event, especially for the golf team. But even students who don't golf can get involved by being caddies. As an alternative, consider a miniature golf tournament where the whole family can participate.
  10. Dress Down Days - Dress down days are fun events where students pay a small fee to dress as they wish and/or loose the uniform for a day. Teachers will love this fundraising event, too!
  11. Auctions or Raffles - Encourage art students to showcase their work through a silent auction or fundraising raffle. You'll likely want to include big-ticket items - such as our Travel Packages - along with the students' work for a nice combination of offerings.
  12. Car Washes - Car washes and high schoolers go hand in hand. Why not include some sandwiches and drinks for sale to boost revenues? Ask a local business to let your school use their parking lot and hose, get those signs on corners and reel in the passing cars.
  13. School Dances - Friday night school dances are always popular with high school students. Charging an entry fee and selling refreshments is a great way to raise money for your high school. Students get to dance the night away and you raise vital funds in the process
  14. Breakfast Pizza - School fundraising ideas can get delicious with pizza for breakfast. Yup. You heard us right. Sell pizza for breakfast and have a blast doing the rebellious thing that Mom always told you not to do - eat pizza for breakfast.
  15. Parking Spot Auctions - Getting a great parking spot at school is really important, but doesn't always coincide with sleeping in. Auction off a parking spot close to school in the student parking lot….and the teachers parking lot! Highest bidder gets the spot for a month and a sign to let everyone know who's parking spot it is. The best way to track the bidding is through donation software that tracks the gift amounts, donors and items that they are bidding on.
  16. Yard Sales - Gather up all of your unwanted goods and have a school wide yard sale. Utilize the school parking lot or the gymnasium to turn someone's unwanted goods into treasure for someone else. All proceeds go towards the school or sponsoring club.
  17. Teacher Dunk Tank - There's always that one teacher who you wish you could dunk for giving you that D. Now's your chance. Ask a local carnival vendor to donate a dunk tank for an afternoon and have students step up and pay for the chance to dunk a teacher into a dunk tank.
  18. Bottle and Can drive in states that have deposits - This is a great high school fundraiser, as it serves the community while raising money for your school. If your state has a deposit on cans and bottles, collect them over a weekend and return them to claim the money. All of those nickels and dimes add up fast.
  19. School Carnivals - Whether it's indoors or outdoors, a carnival is always a fun opportunity for school fundraising. Make it as simple or elaborate as you want, but have fun! Be sure to include games for all ages, so that younger siblings can join the fun.
  20. Create Any Kind of 'a-thon' - Bike, read, ride or relay a-thon. Crowdfunding linked to any sort of a-thon is always a great way to raise funds for high schools. Students ask their family and friends to pledge them for their participation in the 'a-thon'. With our online crowdfunding software, participation and financial support can be easily tracked and monitored for success.
  21. Haunted Houses - let's get spooky! Turn the happy halls into hallowed halls this Halloween. Create a haunted house within school and charge admission to gain a fright. Those admission fees add up devilishly fast.
  22. Pancake Breakfasts - Get cooking to raise money for your school. Put the students to work in the kitchen and serve Moms and Dads at a pancake breakfast. Include a pancake bar with berries and fruit, chocolate chips, granola, nuts, whipped cream, maple syrup and any other toppings you can think of.
  23. Dine Out Nights - Many restaurants will partner with a school and donate a percentage of one evening of sales to the school, especially if you agree on a special menu and advertise the restaurant on your school's website. Gather up your friends and family and head out to dinner all for a good cause.
  24. School Spirit Gear - Sell the latest gear that supports the school while increasing high school spirit. Ensure that a portion of each sale above the cost of the items can be donated to support the work of the team or the school itself.
  25. Teachers vs. Students Game - Can the teachers beat students at a game of pickup basketball? Can the students beat the teachers at a game of volleyball? Host a teachers vs. students game with any and all sports and charge a small fee at the door for spectators to take in the action. May the best team win.

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Important Factors to Consider with High School Fundraising

  1. Time is of the essence
    High school students are busy with homework, sports, social engagement with friends, or all of the above. Making your high school fundraising activity easy for high school students to participate, without consuming too much time will make it much more appealing to students. This is one reason online fundraising has become so popular.
  2. High school students love technology
    When kids aren't at practice or running around with friends, chances are they are checking email, downloading iTunes, or updating their Facebook page. This is often when they are most attentive and happy. DoJiggy peer-to-peer fundraising software tools allow students to personalize their own page, upload photos or videos, set goals, and track their success against other students, making it a fun, interactive and competitive environment. Cool!
  3. There are valuable skills and lessons to be learned
    A great benefit of high school fundraising is the age of the students; you are no longer dealing with children. You are dealing with young adults, who have ideas, who are creative, who have the ability to lead and inspire their peers, and are looking for an opportunity to test their abilities. Put the planning in their hands! What a great way for students to work together as a team, to help them learn organizational and management skills, manage budgets and logistics, establish goals and plans to accomplish them. These are all valuable lessons that they can take with them on to college and in their professional lives. Support and encourage their abilities to take the reins, and make organizing the fundraiser part of the fun.

More School Fundraising Resources

We also created this page with more of the best fundraisers for schools. School Fundraising Resources provides many more school fundraising ideas and tools for your high school fundraising.

how to get sponsors to support a walkathon

You've decided to host a walkathon or peer-to-peer fundraising event to create awareness and raise fundraising dollars for your charitable cause. To offset the costs that are required to produce your event and boost your fundraising dollars, you may be considering how to get sponsors to support a walkathon. Corporate or community sponsors fulfill a critical role in any successful walkathon or special event fundraiser. These corporations and local businesses help increase awareness for an event by promoting it to their employees and customers via social media, which is helpful when it is time to attract the attention of local media and recruit walkers and volunteers. But, most importantly, sponsors create a financial backbone by helping to offset event costs.

Below are some useful guidelines on how to get sponsors to support a walkathon.

Utilize Your Network of Supporters

A great way to build your sponsorship list is to consider who you know. Who on your leadership team is connected to a small business owner? Who in your team of volunteers or friends works for a larger company or corporation that may designate funds for local community projects? Can they help connect you to the person who deals with corporate sponsorships?

The most important thing to remember about networks is that they are constantly growing and changing. Most organizations do a great job of assessing their networks when first constructing recruitment and prospecting plans. However, as your registration grows, and you recruit volunteers and participants, your network will also be growing. Schedule a second and third assessment of your network, and actively seek out connections that will aid the success of your event.

Remember: Companies Benefit From Sponsorship!

Understanding and articulating the ways in which prospective sponsors benefit from working with your organization is very important. This becomes the foundation for selling sponsorship opportunities. Everyone likes to help out a great cause; however, companies are looking for a win-win relationship when investing in your walkathon. Be sure to explain exactly how sponsoring your walkathon will provide value to the local businesses you are prospecting.

Benefits a Walkathon or Fundraising Event Provides to Sponsors

Some common benefits that walkathon sponsors receive include the following:

  1. Inclusion in promotional materials
    • Where do you intend to promote your event and how many people will you reach?
    • How will sponsors be mentioned? (i.e. link from your DoJiggy website, logo inclusion on walkathon flyers, mentions in media press releases and social media networks, and more)

  2. Exposure at the fundraiser
    • How many people are expected to attend the event? Make sure to let them know that their involvement will expose them to thousands of potential customers.
    • Will sponsors have a tent or table onsite where they can educate people about what their business does or generate leads? Businesses are always looking for ways to reach new potential customers.
    • Perhaps if they are a company that sells products that correlate with a walkathon event (i.e. food and beverage companies), your event could be a great venue for sampling.
    • Do you intend to have a VIP area or a hospitality tent with free food and beverage for sponsors?

In addition to pairing the mission of your potential sponsors and the activity or mission of your event, remember that other general benefits exist for lending sponsorship. These benefits may include:

  • Increased exposure in the community
  • Tax deductions - check with your organization's tax adviser for details
  • Opportunities for team building and employee development

Be Organized in your Approach

There are several steps to a successful sponsorship program, which should be managed by members of your walkathon planning committee. Follow these guidelines to determine and reach fudnraising goals.

  • What are your fundraising event goals and how does sponsorship feed into those goals?
  • Develop a corporate sponsor packet with a concise cover letter and message.
  • Create sponsorship levels that allow businesses to contribute at various levels, ie $500 to $10,000.
  • Determine what your agency will provide in exchange for sponsorship. For example, use of logos on signs, tee shirts, websites, or in publicity materials.
  • Brainstorm a list of prospective sponsors. Delegate each prospect and create a concrete timeline for approaching each prospect.
  • Make sure to obtain the logos for each sponsor as you go.You'll be thankful that you have them ready when it's time to post on your website or print walk-a-thon materials.
  • Don't forget to thank your sponsors! Mention the contributions of each sponsor at the event, and send thank you letters. This may bring them back again for annual events.

Be Creative and Provide Opportunities for Fun

When considering how to get sponsors to support a walkathon, think outside the box and find compelling tie-ins for local businesses. For example, insurance companies may be able to create special slogans pertaining to health and safety. Or invite a local furniture store to set up a "rest stop" for your walkers where they can feature some of their best-selling lounge chairs. 

The possibilities are endless. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Fundraiser

For step-by-step guidelines to help you create and sell sponsorship packages, watch our free webinar: "How to Get Sponsors to Support Your Fundraiser".

Walk-a-thon Software & Fundraising Resources

Planning a walk-a-thon or peer-to-peer fundraiser? DoJiggy can help! We offer easy to use, affordable walkathon software to help your organization raise more money online. 

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Visit our Walk-a-thon Resources for additional information and download our free guide: "How to Organize a Walkathon Guide - Your complete guide to hosting a walkathon" There are also a number of guidelines and templates to assist you in your walkathon planning efforts including walk-a-thon flyers, pledge forms and tips to help you create a sample press release for a walkathon

Golf Tournament Planning Guide & Checklist

Free Download - How to Organize a Walkathon: A Complete Guide to Hosting a Walkathon

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PTA Fundraising Ideas

If you belong to a PTA or PTO (parent teacher association/organization) and are in charge of finding PTA fundraising ideas to help your school raise money to support school programs, this is a great place to start! We have compiled the ideas below, along with the numerous school fundraising resources we've created to help school administrators and parents organize a successful PTA fundraiser. Since schools are already a local hub for students, parents and members of the community to gather (i.e. sporting events, talent shows, parent/teacher conferences), hosting a community event at your school is an excellent PTA fundraising idea. We've outlined three common PTA fundraisers below.

Top Three PTA Fundraising Ideas

1. School Walk-a-thon or Fun Run

An excellent PTA fundraising idea is a school walk-a-thon. There are many benefits of a walk-a-thon such as:

  • A walk-a-thon is great way for parents, students, teachers and the local community to bond together to support a great cause.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness (no selling candy!)
  • Low overhead costs, and large revenue potential.
  • Opportunities for additional revenue through business sponsorships, fundraising raffles, and on-site food, beverage and merchandise sales.

Make your walk-a-thon event a greater success by adding incentives. Offer prizes to top-performers and classrooms. One school encouraged students to raise more by promoting a teacher tricycle race if certain financial goals were met. Another idea would be to host a fundraising raffle as part of the event. Obtain donations from local businesses and sell raffle tickets to walkers and spectators. At the end of the walkathon or Fun Run, recognize fundraising top-performers and announce the raffle winners.

Create a twist to your walk-a-thon event. How about a "serve-a-thon" where parents and students work together to serve their community? Instead of walking for a cause, students donate their time raking the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or cleaning up trash at a local park, or tutoring a younger student... this is a great way to earn money while helping those in need.

A walk-a-thon, Fun Run or other "a-thon" themed fundraiser can be easily managed with DoJiggy Pledge peer-to-peer fundraising software. Students create personal fundraising pages where they upload photos and videos and explain their mission. Then students and parents ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to make a donation to help a certain cause (i.e. computers for the school library, or new gym facilities). Fundraiser administrators can easily manage event details and registrations, track donations and participant performance, and run numerous reports.

2. School Garage Sale

At least once a year, people clean out closets, basements and garages to discover things that are accumulating dust. A community garage sale is a great way for people to get rid of these items while donating to your school. An event like this also brings parents, teachers, students and members of the local community together in a social environment.

Here are a few tips to help you organize a successful community garage sale:

  • Host the event at a place easily accessible to your community, like your school gymnasium or cafeteria.
  • Make sure to promote your yard sale on community bulletins, in the local paper, on Craigslist and encourage members of your organization to spread the word.
  • Recruit volunteers to help work the event: set-up and tear down, displaying and pricing items, managing money, and promoting the event.
  • If this becomes a large community event, you may also want to consider selling baked goods or lemonade as an adding additional money-raising opportunity.
  • Make it easy for people to drop off donated items. Consider asking parents with trucks to offer their services on a pick-up day to travel to homes to pick up donated     items. This could be a great way to receive larger items such as furniture that people may be willing to donate, but don't have the resources to deliver (and could bring in     high-dollar sales).
  • Because there will be money on-site, you may want to reach out to local police to see an officer might donate his or her time to be on-site during the event.

3. School Carnival

Some schools achieve great success hosting a fun, interactive event for the local community. Not only can these fundraising events bring in a great deal of money, but they also provide an excellent opportunity for families to socialize. Charge a small admission fee for attendees. There's a ton of great entertainment resources available to you through parents and students! Have the school band and dance team perform at the carnival. Recruit local yoga teachers to host kids yoga classes. Provide games and contests. You may want to consider bringing in a vendor with inflatable rentals or a climbing wall. They will typically come for free if they can keep the profit from ticket sales. Rent a large outdoor screen and showcase a movie on the football field after it turns dark. Ask local restaurants to sell food and drink on-site (and take a percentage of profits for your cause).

Add a silent auction as part of your school carnival. While some family members are engaged in the numerous games and contests, others can browse the silent auction display. Silent auctions are relatively easy to organize. Event organizers secure donations from businesses such as professional sporting event tickets, gift certificates for local restaurants and hotels, and possibly even autographed merchandise by local celebrities. Items are displayed on banquet tables with detailed information about the item and a silent auction bid sheet. Event attendees place bids during the event and auction winners are announced at the close of the event.

PTA Fundraising 101

See this article for factors to consider and more information on PTA Fundraising (or PTO Fundraising).

If none of these fundraisers tickle your fancy, we have plenty more school fundraising ideas to consider. Don't forget to browse through our school fundraising resources, where we offer ideas, fundraising tips, "how-to" guidelines, and various fundraising templates and forms you can use at your event.

School Fundraising Resources

Band Fundraisers

Marching bands, the color guard, choirs and other music groups are often in need of financial support to sustain musical programs, fund competitions and concerts, cover travel costs for band camp and trips, and pay for instruments, uniforms and training tools. Are your band fundraisers exciting and successful each year? Are you interested in fresh, new suggestions for successful high school band fundraising?

Establishing and maintaining successful band fundraising efforts relies on several factors. This article is intended to help your marching band plan successful band fundraisers by providing planning tips and creative fundraising ideas for high school and other marching bands.

Great High School and Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

The success of your band fundraisers lies first and foremost with the type of fundraising campaign you choose to hold. It's always helpful and inspiring to try to tie your marching band fundraisers into what band members are so passionate about: Music.

1. March-a-thons

Create a variation of a walk-a-thon event by hosting a March-a-thon fundraiser for your band. A march-a-thon is conducted on a specific course (which could be the school track or right through your downtown's Main Street) for a specified period of time. The march-a-thon is almost exactly like a walk-a-thon from a fundraising perspective and instead of just walking, band members are marching and playing songs. Members from the community can participate in the event and march alongside band members as they play popular tunes and raise money for a great cause. Reach out to the cheerleading or dance team to see if they are interested in participating with your band, and make the march-a-thon a parade!

Band members raise funds by asking relatives, friends, and neighbors to make a donation to help a certain, specific cause (i.e. raising money for new band uniforms or to cover fees for an upcoming competition). Pledge amounts can be calculated per mile marched or contributors can also choose to donate a fixed amount, like $25. A great way to obtain a lot of donations easily is through DoJiggy's Pledge peer-to-peer software. Band members create personal fundraising pages where they upload photos and videos, explain their mission and ask people to make secure online donations. Fundraising pages include donor comments, a fundraising thermometer and links to Social Media sites. Participants can send out an email donation request letter that includes a link to the online donation page. It's easy!

2. Community Fundraising Events

Community fundraising events are a great option for bands. Not only are they great for team-building as they require cooperation and encourage involvement from students, families, band boosters (supporters) and community members, but they also provide an opportunity to practice in front of an audience. This is one great advantage that bands and choirs have over other groups when planning a fundraising event; the built-in entertainment. Whatever the event may be - a community picnic, concert, yard sale, or even car wash - band members can take turns playing tunes to entertain guests during the event. Don't forget to consider adding a fundraising raffle as part of your event to raise even more. Local businesses are often happy to donate in-kind contributions (such as gift certificates to their store) for you to raffle off to event attendees, which can be another great source of revenue.

Some ideas for your band community fundraising events include:

  • Community Picnics and Bake Sales: Have band members prepare food and sell items to raise funds. Tie the event in with food that's in season such as pumpkin bread and apple pies for a Fall fundraiser.
  • Community Concerts: Have your high school band throw a fundraising concert at the school and sell tickets online. Add refreshments and treats, and invite students, parents, teachers and local supporters to showcase your marching band's talent, while raising funds.
  • Car Washes: This fundraiser can be very easy to execute. Set up the fundraiser right in the parking lot of your school or recreation center - but find a location with good traffic flow. Charge a small donation fee ($5 - $10) in exchange for a car wash. Offer lemonade and snacks for sale while guests wait for their cars to get cleaned.
  • Community Yard Sales: At least once a year people clean out closets and garages. Have band members reach out to families, friends, band boosters and neighbors to see if they have any items they'd like to donate for a good cause. Gather all donated items and host a large community garage sale at a convenient local establishment such as a school cafeteria or local recreation center.

3. Marching Band Fundraising Sales

Another good option for marching band fundraisers is implementing a sales drive. Many groups achieve success with fundraising discount cards and scratch card fundraising. These options work well because they are not specific to one item, and therefore appeal to a broader audience. In addition, both of these options provide value to those who purchase the card. The discount card is sold for a set fee (i.e. $10) and provides numerous savings from local businesses. It's an easy sell as purchasers are likely to save much more than the $10 they spent on the card. Scratch cards also provide savings for donors as they receive a coupon-sheet for participating, yet they also add in an element of fun & excitement. Participants ask potential donors to scratch off a dot on their scratch card, which determines the amount they will donate. Often contributors will scratch off multiple dots.

Another idea for fundraising sales are selling seasonal items that are in high-demand during certain times of the year. For example selling wreaths, poinsettias, holiday wrapping paper, cookie dough and candles during Christmas can be a very successful band fundraiser. These items typically have a 40% profit margin, which can make for quite a lucrative fundraiser. Holiday fundraisers work best if conducted late-fall, which could be an opportune time for high school bands and marching bands since it's shortly after their season starts. Band members are excited for the new season, and are often preparing for Holiday concerts and performances. What better way to ramp up ticket sales and support for the upcoming performance than with a fundraiser? You can promote the upcoming event and ask for donations all at once. Remember that seasonal sales typically require delivery, so start your sales early, and allow for two weeks of delivery.

Your band members can sell and track fundraising product sales via our crowdfunding software. If your band is considering a sales fundraiser, be sure to offer incentives for top performers to help motivate band members to sell more, and add in a fun element of healthy competition.

All of these Marching Band Fundraisers can be better managed
with our Fundraising Software.

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

The Importance of Band Fundraisers for Schools

Band fundraising campaigns help fund music and band programs in high schools, middle schools, universities and social organizations. If you're reading this page, you know this already as you are a supporter of your marching band. But you may need to convey the importance of your marching band program and your band fundraisers to the school at large and community. Why?

Marching bands and color guards are very important for schools. They are the epicenter of school spirit and make many school times and moments unforgettable. The marching band performs during football games (of course!), high school bands get students excited at pep rallies and homecoming celebrations, and there are plenty of band concerts that entertain students, parents and faculty. A love of music and musical skills are instilled in students through band practice. Many students who don't normally excel can do so, via their marching band. These talents are just as important to the development of students as are academic skills, and they need to be supported and nurtured. Schools that cannot support a marching band are seriously lacking in providing opportunity to students, and your school may need to work hard at your fundraising efforts to be sure that you provide these opportunities for your students.

As well, your students can learn valuable leadership and financial skills by taking charge to raise money for their high school band program.

Promoting Your Band Fundraisers

Whatever fundraising strategy you decide on for your marching band fundraiser, be sure to promote it heavily throughout your school and the local community.Your advertising and promotion of the fundraising event or campaign will also be a primary factor in the success of the initiative. Be sure to allow your group plenty of time and promote the event in the following ways:

  • Add your event to online community calendars
  • Post announcements on bulletin boards at your school and local businesses
  • Include an announcement on your school and band websites
  • Post on Facebook and other Social Media pages - ask band members to do this as well as doing it on the band's page
  • Email to your list serve or mailing list and ask the PTO, booster club and/or school to email to their mailing list as well

Remember that hosting any fundraising event requires the assistance of motivated volunteers. Various details to manage include event set-up, organizing collection of donated goods, promoting the event, and managing your donations. DoJiggy offers affordable event management software to help you safely collect donations, and manage the details of your fundraising event.

Still looking? See our 40 best fundraiers for schools and high school fundraising ideas. For more information about hosting a peer-to-peer fundraising event (such as a March-a-thon), including sample donation forms, a fundraising event budget, forms and "how-to" planning guidelines, visit our walk-a-thon resource center.

School Fundraising Resources