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Breast Cancer Fundraising

Looking for breast cancer fundraising ideas? People often organize breast cancer fundraising events to raise funds for patient medical expenses or for breast cancer research. These can be fun activities such as a breast cancer walkathon, a charity golf tournament, a gala dinner with silent auction or dozens of other fundraising events.

If you don't have the resources to plan a fundraising event, you can also organize a breast cancer fundraising pledge drive. Simply create a donation-request letter and send a mailer directing people to your website where your organization explains your mission, purpose for the funds raised, and accepts secure donations online.

However, if you do have the resources and time, a fundraising event could be more lucrative, and also provide a great opportunity for members of your organization to gather with the community. Below are some interesting breast cancer fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Ideas For The Cure

One unique way to raise funds for medical expenses or research for breast cancer or other illnesses with no known cure, is to host a "For the Cure" event. You can basically create this kind of theme with any type of fundraising event. You raise fundraising dollars by having participants collect online pledges, or you can also charge a set admission fee for an event, such as a gala dinner or wine tasting.

In order to be most successful in your fundraising efforts, make sure to organize an event that will appeal to your audience. Breast cancer fundraisers often target women, since they are most aware of the threat of the disease. With this in mind, you may want to consider creating an event that spreads awareness to the audience most "at-risk", while making the activities fun for women.

Shop for the Cure

Partner with local retailers by advertising a day or weekend "shop for the cure" event. A small percentage of sales made at participating retailers will go towards breast cancer research. Make sure to promote the event through local media, especially outlets who target women. Consumers may decide to make a special shopping trip the weekend of your event. What a great excuse to spend money... while contributing to a good cause! Consider adding prizes such as a Mall Shopping Spree and retail gift certificates. Anyone making a purchase during the "shop for a cure" event can be entered into a chance to win, adding a fun twist to the fundraising event.

Cook For The Cure

This can be a very easy event to organize, especially with schools, churches and community organizations where members are actively involved. Organize a bake sale and sell goods at school sporting events or open houses. Create a school cook-book combining all the recipes at the bake-sale to sell as part of the event. Organize a community picnic and charge a small admission following church services. Have congregation and community members donate food, bring in chefs from local restaurants to do sampling and demonstrations, and enjoy spending time with your friends and neighbors while raising money for a good cause.

Cuts For The Cure

Work with local salons to offer "free" haircuts or manicures in exchange for donations. What a great way for women to bond... over pampering themselves at a salon and contributing to a great cause. Partner with local media (such as radio or newspaper) to promote the event, and you will have no problem getting a salon to donate their services for free publicity. After all, this is a great press opportunity and could help a salon build their customer-base.

Another way you can cut for the Cure is to donate your hair! Men and women, boys and girls of all ages can get involved as friends and family pledge dollars for inches cut. For those who cut off more than 12-inches, they can then donate their locks and tresses to charities that accept donated hair. You will be delightfully surprised as to how many people are willing to donate when such a strong gesture is made by their friend or family member.

Breast Cancer Walkathon

How about a fun breast cancer walk-a-thon event where members of your community can gather together, get exercise and raise funds for a great cause! Don't limit yourself to walking. If you live in an area where bike-riding is a popular sport, create a "ride for the cure" event. Or partner with the local YMCA to host a swim-a-thon event, where swimmers get sponsors to pledge a certain amount per lap. Even more unique would be to plan a serve-a-thon where participants can dedicate a day to helping breast cancer victims and their families. The options are endless! DoJiggy provides a number of walk-a-thon resources to help you plan your walk-a-thon (or other "a-thon") fundraising event.

Spread the Word!

There are plenty of interesting fundraising event ideas you can choose from for your breast cancer fundraiser including charity golf tournaments, silent auctions, and many more event fundraising ideas.

Regardless of the breast cancer fundraising ideas your organization decides to undertake, remember that the key to any successful fundraising event is getting the word out! Write a press release announcing the fundraising initiative and follow up with local media to see if they might want to be involved. Work with local businesses for sponsorship opportunities, donations, and helping to spread the word. Encourage community members to volunteer their time, to participate in the event and/or support participants.

Don't forget to make the donation process easy for contributors. Provide a way for people to contribute online in case they cannot make the event, and make collecting pledges easy for participants to reach their goals by implementing easy-to-use online fundraising software tools from DoJiggy.

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