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Elementary School Fundraising

Elementary school fundraising is a great way to raise extra dollars to support development of educational and extracurricular programs, sports, music, arts and more. Elementary school fundraising is also a great way to teach children about teamwork and working to accomplish a goal. With hard work and cooperation, anything is possible.

Not only can elementary school fundraising efforts bring in financial support for school programs, but school fundraising programs may also teach children about how good it feels to give-back. Children are wonderful fundraising participants. They are enthusiastic about almost everything they do. They learn so many new things every day and they are genuinely interested in the activities offered through their school, including fundraising. Creative elementary school fundraising ideas should be positioned as a fun event rather than a task, and as something children can enjoy working on with their friends and parents.

Children are also motivated by prizes or incentives for doing a good job. Having a well-planned and enthusiastic fundraiser kick-off and establishing attainable goals and rewards can be very effective to motivate participants and parents.

Parents are Key to Success

One factor to consider with elementary school fundraising is that parents must be heavily relied upon for much of the workload, so gaining support of the parents is key. However, it is also important to note that parents are usually most enthusiastic about fundraising during the elementary years. They are not yet burned out on school fundraising programs as they may be once their children reach high school. Their children are new to school and parents tend to be much more involved in school activities. It’s parent involvement that makes for the most successful elementary school fundraisers! So, encourage parents to be proactive. Not only should students talk to friends, family, and neighbors, but parents can help by reaching out to co-workers, church groups and other social networks.

Creative Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

While chocolate and candy sales are still proven to be successful methods for school fundraising, other alternatives are gaining in popularity. Many schools are looking to add an element of environmental awareness and health consciousness to their fundraisers. Therefore activity-based fundraisers like walk-a-thons and auctions have become more and more popular.

See specific details on hosting a school walk-a-thon, planning an online auction, and more creative school fundraising ideas.

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