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Fundraising Thermometer

So what exactly is a fundraising thermometer, and what does it do? A fundraising thermometer is used to monitor the progress of funds raised for your online fundraising campaign based on the goals set forth by your organization. By setting clear goals for your fundraiser, your organization provides a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish. Now, showcase a fundraising thermometer on your website so you outline the progress that has been made, and demonstrate visually how close your team is to reaching the established goal.

Fundraising Thermometers Motivate!

A fundraising thermometer is a great tool to implement on your fundraising website to motivate both participants and potential donors. Now that you've established the fundraising goal you hope to achieve, you must continue to monitor and remind others to do the same. By tracking your progress, participants can see how close they are to reaching the goals set forth. If they are far off, they may increase their fundraising efforts and try to raise more funds quickly. Offering rewards for accomplishing and exceeding goals can help motivate participants and donors. Say you wish to raise $10,000... and you are at $9,500. Offer a free pizza party for all participants if goals are reached, and communicate "We are almost there!" Then to ensure motivation doesn't "top-off" at the goal you set, offer additional awards for exceeding goals. For example, for every $100 raised above & beyond, raffle off a $20 gift card or free merchandise donated by local businesses, sponsors and partners. The fundraising thermometer can also help motivate donors to contribute more to help bridge the gap between current progress and the established goal. You may also want to consider offering incentives for donors such as providing them with recognition, thank-you plaques, etc. for donating a certain amount.

How does a fundraising thermometer work?

A thermometer is a great way to track a fundraising campaign's progress. First and foremost a thermometer is a universal symbol that everyone can understand. As the temperature of your fundraising campaign increases, the level of the thermometer rises. Pretty simple. Using markers will also help clarify. You can either track progress based on a financial goal (i.e. $10,000 at the top with incremental dollar amounts up the side) - or you can track success based on a percentage of the goal.(i.e. A goal of $10,000 would be tracked based on the total percentage of what you've earned. If only $4,000 has been raised thus-far, you are at 40%). If you decide to implement the Percentage model, be sure to note WHAT the 100% goal signifies. i.e. 100% = $10,000.

Online Fundraising Software

Implement an fundraising software solution for your fundraising campaign to help you collect and track pledges and monitor participant progress. With a customizable system, like DoJiggy Pledge™, event administrators are able to easily manage participant registrations, establish goals and track progress. As each participant registers, they are asked to create a personal web page where they direct potential donors to make online donations. As these donations are made, they are automatically calculated into the software system and will be tabulated as a portion of total funds raised. If participants receive cash or check donations, they can easily enter these amounts into the system so they also count towards the total goal. A fundraising thermometer on the campaign website will automatically go up as online pledges are entered from all participants. This system also allows organizers to track participants' progress against one another. They may choose to highlight top performers, giving others incentive to step-up their efforts in order to gain recognition or prizes. Find out more about DoJiggy Pledge or sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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