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Group Fundraising

Group fundraising is a great way for many groups to earn additional revenue to fund programs. Group fundraising works great for companies, schools, social associations, sports teams, and community organizations. While some individuals can also be quite successful collecting donations on their own, there are many benefits that group fundraising campaigns offer including:

  • Having a support system to encourage success of each individual member.
  • Instilling motivation through competition, incentive and awards.
  • Encouraging teamwork, collaboration and communication.
  • Access to a larger network of potential donors.
  • Having more fun by working together with a group rather than on your own!

Group Fundraising Roles

With a group, you have many minds, bodies and resources to help you think of creative ideas, plan and manage activities, and reach out to potential donors. Have a pre-fundraising meeting where group members discuss their strengths and experience. Then assign duties to different members. This will help you be more efficient in your planning efforts. Below are some ideas different areas of the fundraising planning process.

  • Logistics & Timelines: This group is responsible for managing all the little details (i.e. obtaining event permits, creating & managing timelines and check-lists).
  • Sponsorships: These individuals tap into local businesses and all the networks group members are connected with to solicit sponsorship and corporate donations.
  • Marketing & Public Relations: These people promote the event through media relations (i.e. press releases), social networking, and creating promotional materials.
  • Hospitality & Communications: The fundraising cheer squad! This group sends updates to participants, organizes pre- and post-event meals and activities, and coordinates entertainment.
  • Volunteers: This person or group handles volunteers including recruitment, creating volunteer schedules, assigning volunteers to specific tasks, and ongoing communication with volunteers.
  • Managing Donations & Pledges: Assign someone to implement a secure fundraising software system for collecting secure donations, managing event details, and tracking participant success.

Group Fundraising Ideas

Group fundraising is a great way to bring people together. It's a fun way for parents to teach children about the values of "giving back" and working together to accomplish goals. Group fundraising also provides community members with an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause that supports growth within their local community. Here are some examples of group fundraising activities:

Walk-a-thon fundraising events have become very popular fundraisers for groups. Not only do they have great potential to raise large amounts of money for your cause, but these types of events also support health and wellness, encourage teamwork, and provide an excellent opportunity to bring your community together to celebrate a great cause. Reach out to local businesses for sponsorships and corporate donations. Create a fun event that includes food, beverages, entertainment, prizes and more! Earn even more money during your walk-a-thon event by including a charity silent auction. Contact local restaurants, hotels, retail shops and request donations. You may also want to reach out to professional sports teams to obtain season tickets or autographed memorabilia. Set up an auction tent the day of the event for event attendees to bid on items. Feel free to think outside the box and create a variation of a walk-a-thon event such as a "bowl-a-thon" or a community "serve-a-thon". Visit our Walkathon Resource Center for all the tools you'll need to organize a successful walkathon event.

Many small groups are successful with community fundraising events such as a community picnic or bake sale. Have group members prepare food and sell items to raise funds for your cause. Tie the event in with food that's in season. For instance in the summer offer strawberry shortcake, jams and fresh vegetables. In Fall have pumpkin bread and apple pies, etc. While you're at it, why not collect all the recipes and offer a Cook Book for sale at a very reasonable price? People are always excited to learn about a new, tasty recipe that is easy to make. Reach out to a local band and ask them to donate their time by entertaining guests during the event. Lastly, don't forget to consider including a fundraising raffle as part of the event! Reach out to local businesses for prize donations and sell raffle tickets at the event for additional revenue.

There are many different kinds of fundraising initiatives that work well with groups so take some time to brainstorm with members of your organization to find out what type of fundraiser they'd enjoy participating in. If participants are invested in the activity and can have fun while raising money, chances are you'll have a successful fundraiser. Visit our creative fundraising events page for more ideas and tips for planning your fundraising campaign.

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