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holiday fundraising

Holiday fundraising ideas are on the minds of many schools, churches and non-profit organizations at this time of year. Many plan holiday festivities and Christmas events to celebrate the holiday season with family, friends and community members. Others offer sales of popular holiday items such as candles, wreaths, wrapping paper, chocolate, and more. Since most people are buying gifts and spending more money during the holiday season, this is a great opportunity to boost your fundraising before year's end.

Is your organization looking for holiday fundraising ideas? We've done the research and have created a few suggestions that work great for holiday-related fundraising campaigns:

Holiday Fundraising Idea #1: Sell Discount Holiday Shopping Cards Online

With the holidays right around the corner, people are getting ready to dig into their wallets and start spending. Yet, they are also looking for great deals and ways to save money - especially in this economy. What a perfect time to launch a fundraising campaign for your school, church or non-profit organization by offering discount shopping cards. Discount shopping cards are not only great tools for raising fundraising dollars, but also for spreading awareness about your cause as they allow for customization with your organization or group's logo and tagline.

What exactly is a discount card & how much does it cost?

A discount shopping card is a wallet-sized card with a selection of prearranged discounts at local and national merchants in your area. Each card sells for around $10 and provides for unlimited usage of special offers for one year. Your organization can set a card price or allow buyers to select a donation amount in exchange for a discount card. The organization should require a minimum donation that covers expenses and a small donation, yet allow donors to donate more per card.

How do I manage card sales and participant donations?

This is where DoJiggy can help! We offer an online fundraising tool called DoJiggy Pledge. With DoJiggy Pledge, each of your participants create their own fundraising page with their picture, mission statement, and a thermometer that goes up as they reach their fundraising goals. Participants manage and track donations and card sales securely. DoJiggy Pledge will also track total dollars earned, top fundraising individuals and teams, and much more, making managing the program seamless for the fundraising organizer. The added incentive of competition and awards for the top fundraisers will allow your organization to raise more money this holiday season. Try DoJiggy Pledge with our free 14 day trial.

Holiday Fundraising Idea #2: Host a Fundraising Auction at Your Holiday Event or Christmas Party

A holiday event or Christmas party is a great place to launch a holiday related fundraising campaign like a charity auction. If you've decided to have a holiday event, then you've already committed to planning, hiring volunteers, and reaching out to your community to promote the event...Why not include an opportunity to raise some extra dollars for your cause?

Holiday fundraising auctions can draw large dollars. For one, people are in the "giving mood" and two; you're not only approaching them for donations, but also inviting them to enjoy themselves at the same time.

Ask your organization's supporters to donate their time, talents, and treasures, which are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Examples of items include gift certificates, autographed CDs, movies, pictures from famous people, sports-team memorabilia, antiques, holiday necessities (wreaths, candles, etc.), dinner donations from local restaurants or time or talent from local community members such as free piano lessons, knitting or other crafts lessons, handyman for a day, or baked goods.

Check out Dojiggy's charity auction software and free auction resources today for your holiday fundraising.

Holiday Fundraising Idea #3: Offer Your Services During the Busy Holiday Season

Tis' the season to be jolly... but may also be the season to be stressed! All of the fun activities we've added to our calendars (traveling to see friends and family, attending Christmas parties, shopping trips, finding time to bake cookies, and decorating your home and tree), all take time! And often, people have a hard time fitting all of these new plans into their busy schedules.

Why not create a fundraising campaign that offers various Holiday Services? Not only will you be helping people check things off their "to-do" list during the busiest time of year, but you'll also be raising extra dollars for your cause.

Here's an idea. Create a holiday service with a fun name such as "Helpful Holiday Elves." Then promote your service throughout the community. Perhaps you'd like to provide childcare services so parents can do their holiday shopping or attend Company Christmas parties? Another idea would be to offer actual shopping or gift-wrapping services where people drop off their shopping lists or already-purchased gifts, and pick them up later wrapped, labeled, and looking beautiful. You'll raise money by charging a fee for your service, and with an additional explanation about the reason for your fundraiser... people may be willing to throw in a few extra dollars to support a worthy cause.

Another interesting service idea would be to provide fun, interactive Holiday Workshops. People love getting into the spirit with Holiday decorations. Parents LOVE just about anything their children make, so why not offer a children's ornament-making workshop? This might work really well for a church congregation. Provide the workshop during Sunday services, and charge a small fee for children to participate. Following services, sell decorated ornaments along with food and beverages (donated from a local restaurant). Not only do ornaments make a perfect addition to your family Christmas tree, but they make great gifts for grandparents! For adults, you may want to consider a wreath-making workshop or a Christmas-cookie baking party where people can learn creative decorating techniques and new recipes. Consider online registration with DoJiggy to manage your registration fees and participant lists. Ask local shops and bakeries to donate decorations, ingredients, etc. to use during the workshop, in exchange for sponsorship visibility on your registration website. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

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