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School Fundraising with DoJiggy Pledge

Looking for an engaging, healthy fundraising event for your school? Candy bars and cookie dough just don't cut it these days! Schools are turning to Fun Runs, Reading Challenges, and serve-a-thons to teach kids about community engagement, get them moving, and raise lots of cash for your school at the same time. If any of these ideas sound good to you - look no further, DoJiggy is the expert in hosting School Fun Runs and other a-thon events.

Our Pledge software is a complete registration and peer-to-peer donation management system used for school fundraising events and university fundraising initiatives in which individual and team (classroom) participants collect and track donations and pledges. School Fundraising with DoJiggy Pledge allows your school to multiply your fundraising dollars raised, as each participating student taps into their group of friends and family to raise funds for your school.

DoJiggy Pledge is an fundraising software solution that manages your school fundraising event or university fundraiser seamlessly within a comprehensive website. Your school will have the convenience of adding student registrations, products and sponsorships with our user-friendly, shopping cart. Creating and selling custom products such as fundraising t-shirts, hats, and water bottles are included in your state-of-the-art software.

  • Easy participant registrations with few required fields
  • Personal fundraising pages for each student and classroom, including pictures and videos, a personal mission statement and goal achievement progress
  • Secure pledge (ie per lap or other unit of effort) and donation payments
  • Sponsorship sales & sponsor recognition
  • Detailed financial & participant reporting
  • Online dashboard for students to send emails, update their webpage, manage and track incoming donations
  • Included online technical support

Administrators are able to easily configure registration fees, a minimum participant fundraising goal, and an event waiver, which participants read and approve to register. Participants will have the option of pledge type they would like to receive - flat-rate donations ($25 or $50) or per unit of effort pledges.

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•• Features & Benefits
  • Easy to create, customizable fundraising website
  • Each student can easily customize their own personal fundraising page to raise money for your school
  • Participants can log-in and maintain their webpage, email friends and family, monitor and enter donations
  • Works with the industry's leading payment processors - you handle your intake of money directly and DoJiggy does not take any percentage of your sales
  • Allows your supporters to easily take an active role in soliciting funds for your school or university
  • Includes sponsor management and promotion capabilities
  • Offers the option of accepting flat-rate or per unit of effort pledges before or after your event
  • Auto-generated email receipts & confirmations for all online registrations, sponsor registrations, and product purchases
  • Detailed financial tracking & reporting
  • Real-time macros that can be placed on your website for the Top Fundraising Teams & Individuals
  • Comprehensive fundraising software package with everything at your fingertips