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Read-a-thon Fundraiser

What is a Readathon Fundraiser?

A readathon fundraiser is a peer-to-peer fundraising event where participants (students) commit to reading as a means of raising money for your school or Parent Teacher Organization/Parent Teacher Association (PTO). Reading Fundraisers promote literacy and a love of reading for children; they offer an academic challenge or competition which kids will enjoy. It's easy to get parents excited about a readathon, as it's a healthy fundraiser with no product sales requirements. With readathons, kids aren't spending time fundraising instead of studying or learning, instead, learning is key to this type of fundraising event.

Organizing the details of your reading fundraiser from beginning to end is easy when powered by DoJiggy's software for crowdfunding events. Readathons are a great choice for school fundraising events in which parents and PTO groups, school administrators or even children can take a lead in setting up the campaign. And with our state-of-the-art software, your school or PTO will have a fully responsive fundraising website which works well on all devices, to take your fundraising campaign to the next level.

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Organizing a Reading Fundraiser

Reading-based fundraisers vary from school to school, and customizing the fundraiser for your school is important. Here are the basic steps and considerations to getting your readathon started on the road to success:

  • Administrators choose a time period of between a week and a month for the reading to occur.
  • Decide if your school will count chapters, pages, or reading periods (hours or sessions) with your readathon. Some schools have reading periods within the school day, while others encourage students to read as much as possible during the designated time period.
  • Create your fundraising website with DoJiggy.
  • Import your students and classrooms or ask them to register online with our Easy School registration page to create their personal fundraising pages.
  • Students send out links to their pages and get supporters who donate or pledge (per page or book ) in support of their reading efforts.
  • Participation and fundraising progress are tracked throughout the event with our software.
  • Leaderboards are posted with top fundraisers and classrooms to motivate students.
  • Administrators wrap up the event by calculating pledges and off-line donations.

Utilizing Software for Your Fundraiser

Our fundraising software makes planning and managing reading fundraisers simple and effective. Our software is designed for fundraising readathons and reading challenges in which students and classrooms collect donations for their school, PTO, or other school group. Our flexible peer-to-peer software is capable of working with flat-rate donations as well as per unit of effort pledges based on the amount of time or books participants read. You'll be able to easily configure your fundraising website creatively to meet your school's specific needs, and your participants will learn and have fun when they personalize their webpages.

Benefits of a Readathon or Reading Fundraiser

And in case you still aren't convinced that a readathon is right for your school - take a a look at these unmatched benefits of hosting a reading fundraiser. Readathons are an excellent fundraising event for schools and PTOs as they:

  • Promote literacy and a love of reading for children
  • Are a healthy fundraiser - no candy bars or cookie dough involved
  • Encourage parents to read with younger children, strengthening the parent-child bond
  • Are a low cost, easy to organize event
  • And of course, are a great way to raise funds for your school!

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