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School Walkathons & Fun Runs

Looking for a healthy fundraising idea that has proven to be successful for schools time and time again? School walkathons or Fun Runs are the perfect school fundraiser! And DoJiggy has all of the tools you need to succeed - without breaking the bank. Try our school walkathon software today with a free trial.


As parents and educators, we are interested in teaching children about how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to overall esteem, productivity, and enjoyment of life. In our society today there is a tendency for children to make unhealthy choices... eating fast-food, playing video games, and not getting enough exercise. This is a constant topic in the news and a concern with educational institutions and parents. For that reason, we encourage educators and parents to continue to look for opportunities that send the message of the importance of building an overall healthy lifestyle. Cookie dough and candy fundraisers just don't do that!

This is one reason why school walkathons and Fun Runs have become so popular. Of course there are many other reasons school administrators choose walkathons for fundraising events. Not only do walkathons combine exercise and fun for the community, but they also provide the opportunity to generate significant income without high overhead costs. Fun Runs are especially great for sports teams, as they support health and wellness and encourage teamwork.

School walkathons and Fun Runs bring the entire community together. Local businesses get involved though sponsoring the event. Volunteers in the community donate their time to help with event details such as registration, setting up the pit-stops and hosting the post-event celebration, where local restaurants and entertainers can also get involved.

Walkathon & Fun Run Software

Crowdfunding Software

Using peer-to-peer software allows students to easily raise funds online for your school, via their network of family and friends. Many schools report raising two to three times as much by taking their school walkathon or Fun Run online! Try out our peer-to-peer software today with a free trial.

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