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Hosting a Successful School Walk-a-thon

This free webinar reviews the following topics:

  • Benefits of online fundraising campaigns.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) assessment - does this make sense financially?
  • Qualifying and selecting event software and payment services.
  • Defining volunteer roles.
  • Key elements of a walkathon website.
  • Managing event registration, information and pledges using DoJiggy Pledge™ online fundraising software.
  • Evangelizing your event within the community, and turning participants into fundraisers.
  • Evaluating the success of your fundraiser.

The webinar is led by Suzanne Oehler, founder of Yapper Girl, a consulting firm dedicated to bringing online fundraising to local non-profits. Suzanne manages the transition from paper-based programs to Internet fundraisers, working with schools, sports organizations, and other locally-based nonprofits to achieve greater donation results by extending the reach of their giving campaigns.


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How to Get Sponsors to Support your Fundraiser

This webinar will discuss basic guidelines and helpful tips for organizations wishing to obtain corporate sponsorships for fundraising events.

Topics Include:

  • Utilizing your network and identifying sponsor prospects.
  • Creating valuable benefits and sponsor levels.
  • Developing unique, customized sponsor packages.
  • Building strategies to foster long-term sponsor relationships.

The thirty-minute webinar is one of the first in a series of informational webinars that DoJiggy intends to release for non-profit and philanthropic organizations. The purpose of these webinars is to provide useful information and helpful fundraising tips from experienced professionals within a manageable duration of time. This format is ideal for individuals who don't have time in their busy day at work to sit through an entire lecture, yet are looking for guidelines to help them be more successful in their fundraising initiatives.

Kari Kiel

The webinar is presented by Kari Kiel, Event Marketing Consultant. Ms. Kiel has more than twelve years experience with sponsorships and event marketing. She has managed community events and sponsorships for non-profits, facilitated sponsor obligations for corporations, and has also consulted various companies to help them develop sponsor pitches and benefit packages to generate revenue for event funding.



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