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Hosting a fundraiser takes a lot of planning and preparation, which is why we've developed fundraising software to help event organizers increase efficiency in their planning efforts by easily registering participants online, safely processing online donations, managing communications, product sales and sponsorships, tracking fundraising progress, and generating numerous reports.

Even with the best software, there are other decisions to make such as: selecting merchandise for participants to wear or purchase, choosing unique items for silent auctions, and integrating incentives to motivate participants and donors. We have included resources for these important decisions here.

  • Personalized Fundraising Merchandise Store - You can now offer your constituents personalized merchandise (custom fundraising t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles and more) with no money up front, and the ability to earn commissions on each purchase.
  • Travel Incentive Packages - DoJiggy has partnered with a leader in the travel incentives industry to offer low-cost travel vouchers for your fundraising initiatives. These travel vouchers can be used as participant or donor incentives to enhance your fundraising efforts.
  • No Risk Auction Items - DoJiggy has partnered with a leading auction merchandise provider to offer No Risk Auction Items for your online charity auction. These unique items include vacation packages and sports memorabilia.