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The affiliate program is a sales incentive program whereby customers come to DoJiggy through advertising on your website or other sales channels. When a customer clicks through your site to ours and signs up for a free trial or purchases a subscription service, you will receive a commission on that purchase.

The way this is registered in our system is very easy. Your technical staff will create a link to direct customers to the DoJiggy/GolfRegistrations site. This link must include your partner affiliate code. This is the unique code that you created when you registered as a new partner from our website. The proper link format is either:

This link will direct prospects to our website’s free trial page and populate your affiliate code into this and other forms on our site. The information is stored by the system, and if customers return at a later time, your code will auto-populate. If you are speaking to clients or prospects by phone, you may also direct them to our site and ask them to enter your partner code in all forms. If you have an on-going relationship with your clients, the DoJiggy/GolfRegistrations partner program may be more appropriate for your business. This program uses a discount, rather than commission, sales incentive structure.

As an affiliate, you will have an online control panel, the Partner Dashboard. From here, you can monitor your current, expired, and free trial accounts. This control panel gives you the same functionality as our Partners, and is described in more detail in the Account Management section.

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