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Use the buttons below to promote DoJiggy or GolfRegistrations services and earn commissions when users click through to our website. Be sure to include your partner code in the links to receive credit!

In order to add these banner ads to your website, please follow these instructions:

  1. Select the ad/button you want to use.
  2. Using your mouse, select the HTML code in the text area located below the button
  3. Right-click the selected HTML code, and select COPY
  4. PASTE the selected HTML code into your web page
  5. Replace the {PARTNERCODE} value with your actual Partner Code

Button 1: 200x100

Button 2: 202x102

Button 3: 146x249

Button 4: 146x218

Button 5: 227x227

Button 6: 737x140

Button 7: 200x100

Button 8: 467x60

Free Trial Button: 200x100

Free Trial Button: 200x150

Button 9: 202x152

Button 10: 120x120

Button 11: 120x120

Button 12: 227x227

Button 13: 469x61

Button 14: 202x152

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