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The DoJiggy Private Branding service allows key partners to license the entire DoJiggy service platform under their own corporate identity and branding. With Private Branding (also known as white labeling), we strive to provide a seamless integration of our product with our partners' identity. We have seen that this powerful tool can aid in building client loyalty for your business, while providing an additional revenue stream.

Eligibility & Setup Fees

Private Branding is available for partners who have a minimum of ten active clients with us. Partners with less than ten active client sites will also be eligible, by paying for the number of short licenses in advance. The one-time setup fee for private branding is $495.

Partners will need to provide/maintain the following

  1. A domain name. This domain name should be different than, but related to, your current web domain and dedicated for the purpose of your private branding. You may purchase the domain name through the domain service of your choice. Register the domain in your name, with your own designates as the primary, billing, and technical contacts. You MUST specify the DNS servers below to be associated as the domain name servers for the domain.
  2. An Administrative header logo in JPEG format, sized at 465 by 90 pixels. This logo should be no greater than 50 KB, and works best on a white background.

DNS Requirements

You must setup the DNS for your private domain to use the following name servers:


Product & Support

Administration area URL & logo: The administration area of your clients' sites contains your logo in the header, and clients login at your private URL. Please see: for an example of a private branded DoJiggy administration site.

Public website URL & footer: The clients' public web pages reside on your URL and contain a footer which reads "Powered by your partner name".

Other details: We have thought of every detail to maintain your private branded image.

  1. When your clients order and renew, the ordering system is private branded to your company name.
  2. All confirmation emails & administrator renewal emails are private branded.

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