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This is a blog about online fundraising for non-profits. It includes DoJiggy product and company information as well as fundraising industry news and tips. We also highlight clients that are successfully using our software to help inspire others on their fundraising journey.

School Fundraising Rocket Rally Time

School fundraising is the focus for PTO groups and schools in the fall. It is a great time for fundraising events as the leaves change, with the holiday season around the corner. One school in particular sends out rockets to rally their community for a color run. They used a video fundraising appeal for their September crowdfunding event. The MARS parent teacher group for Rutland Elementary School offers a great example of fundraising for kids with Rocket Rally!

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Utilizing School Website Templates for Affordable School Website Design


Summer is almost over and that means school is coming just around the corner. With the turn of a new school year, it is the perfect time to welcome a new look for your school or PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) website. The good news is, creating a great school website is easier and more affordable than ever. School website templates from DoJiggy can save your school or organization time and money, while working within the comforts of a proven website builder and providing great school website design.

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DoJiggy Is Moving All Website Pages to the Secure HTTPS Protocol

Secure HTTPS Protocol

Google Chrome to Mark all HTTP sites as ‘Not Secure’ Starting in July 2018

Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Google Chrome 68, Chrome will begin flagging sites as not secure if they don’t use an SSL certificate on all pages. Currently, DoJiggy fundraising websites use an SSL certificate (which renders HTTPS pages) only on website pages where customer data is received. These are the registration, sponsorship, volunteer, and products pages as well as the entire shopping cart.

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The Truth About Your Donor's Experience


The truth is revealed as to what donors think. When actually asking them for feedback, and truly standing in their shoes, the usual practices of your nonprofit may take new shape. Following current research as to what donors think is vital, yet when you open an honest dialogue statistics change with every minute.

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Five Steps to Get Started with SEO for Your Non-Profit Website


The world of search engine optimization (SEO) can sound intimidating to many non-profit and development professionals. After all, do non-profits really need to worry about SEO with all of the other concerns in creating and maintaining a non-profit website and fundraising strategies?

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New Non-profit Organization Website and Hosting Program Launched


DoJiggy announces the launch of our new non-profit website and hosting program with the Luke Arnold Memorial Scholarship Foundation website. The Luke Arnold Memorial Scholarship Foundation was started by a closely-knit group of Luke’s friends to help keep his legacy alive. The Foundation’s mission is to carry on a friends legacy by giving back to the community that Luke truly loved, supply kids with necessary tools to earn a great education, and donate funds to organizations and hospital groups for those with unfortunate medical needs.

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Dog Walk Fundraising Ideas


Regardless of rain or shine, dogs are always enthused about going for a walk. Please your dogs with a fundraising dog walk or run, get some exercise and give back to your community. Dog Walks are fun peer-to-peer crowdfunding events and are usually 5K or less in length. They are very similar in planning to organizing a walkathon, though there are some extra considerations as well as fundraising opportunities that come into play. Dog Walks can be exciting and fun events with costume contests, photo booths, food, and before and after parties. 

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10 Simple Steps to Plan a Polar Bear Plunge Fundraiser


While the winter makes many people hide away indoors, polar bear plunge fundraisers are a unique and fun way to bring supporters out for a great cause. Supporters of polar plunges raise funds or pledges and then take the plunge into frigid or icy waters to raise awareness for a charitable cause. One of the most appealing reasons to host a polar plunge is that it attracts quite the attention from the media and local community. Just take a look at Project Sweet Peas’ Plunge for Preemies, as their polar bear plunge fundraiser is just about to plunge into the eighth successful year.

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Keys to Successful Nonprofit Website Design


The greatest tool for building a nonprofit organization's identity and fundraising efforts is their organization's nonprofit website. Nonprofit Website Design is all about increasing website traffic, communicating effectively with your audience and providing clear calls to action, and keeping supporters and donors coming back. How well a nonprofit website responds and caters to its donors during a fundraising campaign determines how successful it is, and overall the nonprofit´s ability to raise money is directly linked to good web design.

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DoJiggy Recognized as a Leader in the Colorado Tech Scene


DoJiggy Recognized as a Leader in the Colorado Tech Scene by G2 Crowd

DoJiggy has been identified as one of the best Colorado software tech companies, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real G2 Crowd users for the GolfRegistrations golf tournament software management platform.

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Checklist of 2018 Fundraising Trends


Coming into the new year, it’s a great time to focus on evaluating and solidifying your organization’s fundraising approaches. Today, fundraising for a cause comes at everybody at such a fast and frequent pace, making sure that your organization understands best practices and stands out from the crowd is vital. An analysis of fundraising trends to date bring clarity.

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Focus More On Donor Retention


We focus so much on fundraising events, crowdfunding, fundraising ideas and fundraising websites that having a singular focus on donor retention requires more attention. How to get to know your donors, appeal to them and keep them coming back may be overlooked questions. How to find out what they are thinking and feeling is also underestimated in its impact on fundraising.

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Swing for Cancer


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and golf events swing for cancer throughout the year in support. Creative themes can transform a classic golf event into one that celebrates the lives of survivors and their families. There are several approaches for a golf tournament from partnerships with large nonprofit organizations to community oriented golf events.

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Your PTA and Disaster Relief


How Your PTA Can Help with Natural Disaster Relief

With the rise of natural disasters from Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria, relief is still in dire need for many victims.Natural disasters affect victims in many ways, such as needing to rebuild their homes from scratch, being displaced from their community or lacking access to basic needs. While your PTA or PTO typically comes together to focus on strengthening the resources and funds for an enriching and successful school, this is a great opportunity to exemplify unity and support. Now is an opportunity to portray that community isn’t limited to just your neighborhood. Here are great ideas for PTOs and PTAs to help those in need.

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PTA Events to Dazzle Your PTA


Inspire Your PTA - Attracting New Members 

One of the best ways to motivate parents to become involved in the PTA (or PTO) is to focus on PTA events that benefit their children. The main subjects of math, language, science, art and music are taught in class. What occurs outside of regular school hours greatly advances their learning.

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Should We Use DoJiggy Payments, Merchant Services or PayPal?


If your school or organization is starting an online fundraising campaign, you may be wondering about the benefits of using our merchant accounts vs. DoJiggy Payments. What are the benefits and fees associated with both of these options? How do you choose which is the better option for your organization? What if you already have a PayPal account - should you just use that?

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Fun Run Ideas


While the weather is still warm, why not gather your students or supporters together and raise money while getting some exercise with a Fun Run? Fun Runs are the perfect fundraiser for schools, as they encourage youth exercise and team building. Students get excited about the big day and are happy to fundraise for your school in the meantime. The best School Fun Runs include training time for the kids, team building exercises for classrooms that are working together to raise funds, and school spirit pep rallies and initiatives. Unique Fun Run Ideas - costumes, games, after-parties, and more - that add fun are always encouraged.

For non-profits, the competition of a 10K, half-marathon or marathon may fuel athletic supporters, but a Fun Run exponentially grows your participants because it isn’t just about getting to the finish line. Families can train together or just show up and have fun.

Our Fun Run ideas below add an extra dose of fun by adding a theme or costume to the run. Everyone falls in love with the fun run because the entire journey from beginning to end is an enjoyable and energetic experience whether participants run, walk or roll. The ideas are endless but here are nine great concepts to run with!

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How to Organize an Obstacle Course Fundraiser


The school bells are about to ring and that means back-to-school fundraising is just around the corner! While you may have the urge to organize a plain old walk or marathon, why not up the ante on your fundraising event and give it the extra sizzle that it needs to increase your participation? Put a twist on athleticism and create an obstacle course fundraiser instead!

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Introducing DoJiggy Payments

Introducing DoJiggy Payments

Need payment processing for your fundraising event, but not interested in a full merchant account and monthly fees? Tired of using PayPal and dealing with PayPal Pending orders? Need payment processing for your fundraising event, but not interested in a full merchant account and monthly fees? Tired of using PayPal and dealing with PayPal Pending orders?

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DoJiggy Selected for Gartner's Nonprofit Donor Management Software FrontRunners


We are pleased to announce that DoJiggy Pledge crowdfunding software was recently selected to Gartner's list of 2017 Nonprofit Donor Management Software FrontRunners. The listing includes the top 24 software products in the Nonprofit Donor Management category, based on online user reviews and the Gartner Methodology.

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