7 Holiday Fundraising Campaigns

7 Holiday Fundraising Campaigns

Let the joyous holiday season add a dose of creativity to your fundraising efforts. Holiday fundraising does not have to be boring, and indeed should be rewarding. Put on some Christmas music and be inspired by 7 holiday fundraising ideas with a fresh spin, and put your own magic into them.

Holiday fundraising shopping website

A holiday fundraising shopping website has the potential to be a national fundraising campaign. Plan as many volunteers as possible – 100 if you can find willing candidates – and have them call stores across the USA to donate items for your Christmas shopping website. Target major retail store chains; no pun intended.

Major clothing chains, large jewelry stores, and sporting goods retailers are merely a few suggestions in procuring donors. As Christmas shoppers across the nation buy their gifts on your holiday fundraising website, your nonprofit organization receives funds to continue fighting for its cause.

Promoting your fundraising website nationally through social media, newspapers and radio is what will bring your fundraiser to a national level. Savvy with regard to social media allows you to reach people across the nation who’ll become your best supporters, volunteers and donors. Incentivize your volunteers with gifts and your donors with exposure for their generous contributions.

Fundraising through meditation and prayer

Activity is not the only choice when selecting a holiday fundraising campaign. One nonprofit is holding a sit-a-thon, and Christmastime is a wonderful season for reflection.

“Join us for this quiet day of meditation in our community. Our Sit-A-Thon is a fundraiser to provide support for Southern California Shambhala Centers. It is based on the walk-a-thon model; sponsors pledge a flat dollar amount for the participant’s day of sitting meditation.”

This type of crowdfunding event can be done in at a public fundraising event or remotely. Each participant creates a profile page in support of the Sit-A-Thon and may sit from home or join a gathering. The fundraising website profile is used to reach out to family and friends asking for their support, shares photos, videos and a personal mission statement as to their hopes and dreams for our shared society.

Online Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars can be presented online prior to the 24 days before Christmas Day. Keep your donors filled with the anticipation of what is to come. Fill each day with either a short story or an invitation to a Christmas concert, gathering in the town square for a public Christmas movie showing, or a potluck at your church with a piano bar to lead in singing carols.

Send daily emails and keep your Facebook page active with delightful surprises and invitations for each day. Managing the calendar from your holiday fundraising website will keep everyone informed and manage incoming funds and registrations in order for donors to receive their calendar updates. No one will want to be left out, yet offer some free registrations for low income or unemployed members of your community.

Matched giving

Create a donation platform promoting a matched giving campaign. In matched giving campaigns foundations and corporations give money to nonprofit organizations in the form of a matched donation. Matching often comes in the form of employee matching which means that if an employee donates to a nonprofit, the employee’s corporation will donate money to the same nonprofit. If a foundation or corporation gives a matched donation, donors know that their dollars will be doubled. And foundations who give matching donations are assured of the nonprofit’s ability to raise adequate funds – donors like their money to have an impact.

Find a donation platform that can seamlessly handle your holiday fundraising campaign with recurring donation profiles, and the ability to customize your online website with ease in design for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile. Custom questions that you wish to ask your registrants, graphic design specific to branding your nonprofit and thanking your donors are all key elements. Engage in a free trial before making a purchase to be certain it’ll work as you want it to.

Christmas carol fundraising

There are many ways to incorporate fundraising with Christmas caroling. Think outside the box and do a video recording of your stellar caroling group. Get the help of a pro or someone with a superb video camera and the skills needed to make your group look and sound good. Ask your local television and radio networks to play your video with an appeal to donate to your Christmas fundraising campaign in support of the important work you do at your nonprofit organization.

Orchestrating a group of children carolers will warm the hearts of your donors. Bring your carolers to local grocery stores and travel to other towns to sing in front of crowds in parking lots or inside the stores. Add an invitation to your nonprofit for a Christmas Eve concert of tender little voices. And make sure to have volunteers ready with their iPads to take online donations, and promote mobile donations.

Holiday fundraising booth

Christmas booths or decorated tables can be added to street corners, parking lots and inside large businesses. Spread the merriment through your attitude and offer public education about your nonprofit and the great work it does. Education when delivered with holiday cheer will reach the hearts and minds of your donors and inspire them to give. For example, finding out about the species that are endangered or threatened where potential donors live may not be known by them – sharing what your nonprofit is doing exactly to protect them is likely to be news to them. The same is true about any work that your nonprofit does; share the details with potential donors to open their minds and pocket books.

Christmas 5K Race or Fun Run

A 5K race or Fun Run is an upbeat way to celebrate Christmas and raise funds at this festive time of year. Participants can run, jog, walk or roll in their best Christmas sweater, hat and or jingle bell jewelry! Organizing the details of a Fun Run from beginning to end is easy and fun when powered by DoJiggy’s software for crowdfunding events.

Whether your holiday fundraising campaign involves a donation website, product sales or a crowdfunding event our online subscriptions are tailored to your needs.

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