Back to School Fundraising Software and Program Updates

Back to School Fundraising Software and Program Updates

Back to School means back to fundraising for many school PTO and PTA groups. DoJiggy is here to help! DoJiggy supports school fundraising campaigns including Fun Runs and walk-a-thons, serve-a-thons and Service projects, spell-a-thons, fundraising golf tournaments, school carnivals, classroom giving drives and more.

New Features

In response to requests from our schools, we have released some important new features and programs to help in school fundraising efforts. We have detailed our top three new features for schools below.

1. Privacy Settings to Protect Student Data

Most schools and parents are concerned about privacy and the visible data of their students on the internet. Working with schools, we have created a setting for Privacy in the Pledge edition. The setting will be defaulted to yes for new School templates (School Fun Run, School Read-a-thon) and will be optional for all Pledge clients. Enabling the Privacy setting will:

  • Cause all Personal Fundraising Pages and search pages to truncate the last name of the individual to show only the first initial. Alejandro Sanchez will be ‘Alejandro S.’
  • All Personal Fundraising Pages will be marked with a Do Not Follow tag for search engines. All other website pages will remain indexable, but the Personal Fundraising Pages will not be indexed by Google or other search engines.

Schools can enable the privacy setting at Pledge -> Fundraising Pages -> Enable Privacy. See also this article for further options on managing participant privacy.

2. Payment Processing Designed for Schools

Many schools come to us seeking a payment processing solution that allows them to process credit cards. We have recently partnered with Diamond Mind to help schools find payment processing solutions that work for them. Diamond Mind not only seamlessly integrates with your DoJiggy website, but can help to consolidate incoming payments across the school to reduce rates, simplify reconciliation, and minimize risk.

Even better, Diamond Mind has provided us with simple, flat-rate pricing options, so you can rest assured that your school or organization will have a rate structure to meet your specific needs. Contact Sales for more information.

3. Prize Management to Encourage Student Engagement

Kids love prizes and will work hard to earn them. Most schools offer prizes to their top fundraisers and fundraisers who reach certain benchmarks.

We have released a new feature for Pledge software users that allows your school to easily monitor fundraising prize management. The function is completely configurable for your prize levels. Administrators can input fundraising prizes (ie t-shirts, water bottles, pizza party) by going to Pledge -> Prizes, and clicking “Add Fundraising Prize”. When a fundraising goal (designated as a specific monetary amount) has been reached by a participant, the prize will automatically be awarded and a prize widget will appear at the top of their Personal Fundraising Page. Students are encouraged to see the prize widgets on their page and reports of all prizes awarded can be viewed by site administrators.

Read more details here.

Harnessing the power of your students to raise funds for your school is the essence of our powerful peer-to-peer fundraising software. Sign up for a free trial of our software for your peer-to-peer events or call us in Sales to see how we can help.

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Lisa is the Sales Director at DoJiggy. She joined DoJiggy in 2006 and loves her job. Prior to working with DoJiggy, she worked at several non-profits and managed special event fundraising.

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