8 Ingredients of the Best Fundraising Websites

8 Ingredients of the Best Fundraising Websites

What are the key ingredients of the best fundraising websites for non-profits? If your organization is equipped to answer this question and act on the answers, you’re sure to raise more money for your cause. Let’s discuss some of the unexpected answers and solutions as to how to accomplish the best results through online fundraising.

The 8 Most Important Ingredients of The Best Fundraising Websites

Branding that Defines an Organization

The best fundraising websites for events are easy to customize with your nonprofit organization and individual specifications. Great online fundraising websites allow you to have your own branding and unique web pages, allowing you to post photos, and videos so that you can speak to your audience directly. When looking for the right fundraising site for you, it’s important to know how you want to connect with your sponsors and donors so that you know what features you need.

Good fundraising websites will allow you to create unlimited custom pages, customize receipts, include your logo or banner prominently, send thank-you notes and more. Some organizations extend this to using a custom website domain as well.

Beautiful Design

People love to see a beautiful website! Make sure your fundraising website has an updated template that looks stylish and striking on a desktop, tablet or phone. Customize your design with images, stories and mission statements that are impactful to your donor base.

Don’t be shy (be bold) about putting your fundraising mission statement up front and center, and strike a pose with your website banner! Boys to Men has theirs on the homepage and it’s the first thing you see after their beautifully customized website banner: “Boys without fathers are:  9 times more likely to drop out of school 10 times more likely to abuse drugs 20 times more likely to go to prison than boys who grow up with a father.”

Clear Call(s) to Action

If you are trying to fundraise, be sure to let your constituents know. Every page should include a Donate Now button and a call to action. By creating tender content that’s well written, your donors will feel ready to assist. And make sure to let them know how to do this and make it easy.

The Boys to Men online donations website has spelled out clearly and given transparency to where donations go: “Your donations will directly serve our boys by providing the following services: Recruit and train our mentors and clear them with background checks. Follow up and support mentors to insure they are being accountable to the boys they are mentoring. Follow up with parents to answer questions and make sure their children are finding value in their experience. Create and execute group activities throughout the year. Communicate with mentors and boys to give them every opportunity to attend our site-based and community meetings.Improve the quality of our programs. Build Community Partnerships. Grow our program evaluation and data collection programs.

Ability to Increase Revenue

The Best Fundraising Websites should allow your organization to raise more money, right? That’s what you’re trying to do – fundraise – so your website should advance that goal. This is certainly possible with peer-to-peer fundraising websites as detailed below.

To go to the heart of the matter with regard to the key ingredient in peer-to-peer or crowdfunding events, motivation is at the helm. Whether you are referring to your participants or your donors, your mission is all about creating a climate of positive energy. But how would you accomplish this?

Effective Crowdfunding events involve individual and team fundraising efforts. Be sure to find a solution (such as DoJiggy, of course!) that includes team fundraising pages so that your fundraisers can motivate their friends to join in the efforts. The more of a stir these folks create on their social media platforms and their fundraising website page with stories, photos and parties, the more publicity and inspirational content will be abuzz in your community and beyond as powered by online fundraising. The more content you place online through social media that links to your crowdfunding website, the better chance you have of creating one of the best fundraising websites because you’ll have traffic and results.

Creating a story board on Instagram with photos of your recent gathering at the local pub while planning how your team is going to work harder to raise more funds is a great tactic. This can be accomplished on Facebook and Twitter as well with daily posts and photos keeping your friends, family and co-workers inspired and jazzed about your event. You either want them to donate, or get involved in their own fundraising strategy to raise more funds for your overall cause.

Customization in Design

Getting creative is what will make your fundraising website stand out. Create your online fundraising website and related event in unique fashion – stand apart from the crowd. Add features that not every fundraising event offers such as an auction, after-party or other exciting events surrounding the special day. You can’t do this with a cookie cutter template that doesn’t allow for customization in design. Check out Angels in Disguise who hold an annual charity golf tournament to raise funds for Down Syndrome.

Ease of Use

You want your donors to be able to easily make a donation – period. Choose Donation Software which offers your organization a cutting-edge, responsive website with ease of use for all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile. The importance of this speaks to itself given global online trends that are definitely in line with online fundraising. Donations websites should provide a seamless campaign experience complete with recurring donation profiles, and the ability to customize your online website. 

Security and Privacy for Donors 

Don’t forget this one. Be sure the security and privacy of your donation pages and data is a top priority of the software company you choose. All organizations that accept credit cards online must use PCI compliant technologies.

Back-end Features of The Best Fundraising Websites

 If your organization is shopping for fundraising software, don’t forget about the back-end…Technical Support when you need some help is important, but do you want to pay extra? Most of us would rather rest assured that someone will be there to help us when we need it. Many services charge extra for tech support, so be sure to review this policy before signing on. Robust Reports to manage your campaign on the back-end of your website are just as important as the fundraising website itself. Administrators need solid reporting and analytics to do their jobs effectively.

In summary, inspire your community to give more to your cause by following the ingredients above. Your heartfelt words, creativity, personal photos and videos of your fundraisers and nonprofit organization will make donors feel connected and excited about your cause. Make it convenient, easy and safe for donors and participants in the fundraising process.

DoJiggy is here to help with our powerful fundraising software platform. Try a free trial of our fundraising software before you purchase to see what DoJiggy can do for your organization.

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