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The Best Fundraising Software to Raise Money in the UK

The Best Fundraising Software to Raise Money in the UK

If you’re like many charity organizations, you’re looking to reassess your online fundraising campaigns in light of COVID. Many organizations are looking for new fundraising ideas and platforms that work in a post-COVID world, where events are often virtual or hybrid in nature. How do you choose the best online fundraising software to raise money in the UK? There are so many options out there. We’ve broken it down for you below, with features and pricing for all of the top UK fundraising platforms.

Introducing DoJiggy

DoJiggy Fundraising Software

One fundraising platform that ensures that we all join together and start cheering ourselves up whilst making money for well-deserving charities is DoJiggy. Since its launch in 2003,  DoJiggy has established itself as a leading provider of affordable fundraising software for charities, schools, and community organizations. DoJiggy works internationally with fundraising clients from around the world and the UK is at the top of our list.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted fundraising platform that you can use for free, look no further.

Why is DoJiggy one of the best fundraising companies around?

Comparing which platforms offer the best service and ultimately get the most money to your UK charity can be an overwhelming task. DoJiggy simplifies this for you, as they understand the importance of easy-to-use and affordable software solutions, enabling customers to increase efficiency in planning various fundraising event types and helping organizations save time and money.

Our cloud-based software includes secure registration and donation management tools for all of the best online fundraising campaigns:

Seamless Payment Integration

Once you have set up your customized fundraising campaign, how do you start raising money for your desired cause?

DoJiggy integrates with Stripe for secure payment processing. Stripe fees are just 1.4% and 20p per transaction in the UK.

GiftAid Integration

The best online fundraising platforms in the UK include Gift Aid

DoJiggy offers registered UK charities the functionality to support UK GiftAid donations. GiftAid provides an excellent opportunity for donors to increase the value of their donations to a charity. When this option is enabled on your campaign, donors can indicate that they want their donation gift-aided. Charities can access reports with the GiftAid information in campaign management, helping organizations easily claim GiftAid with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Read more about DoJiggy’s Gift Aid integration.

DoJiggy Pricing

We offer two options for covering fees: free pricing or percent pricing. With the popular free pricing model, the platform fee is covered by providing donors the option to leave a tip in the checkout process. See details on our percent pricing plans here.

Here are eight more popular fundraising software platforms for charity fundraising in the UK.


JustGiving: Biggest online fundraising platform in the UK

With over an incredible £4 billion collected for charities since its launch in 2001, JustGiving was one of the first online fundraising platforms and remains one of the largest. With over 22 million users in over 160 countries and 25,788 charities registered, JustGiving is a fundraising force to be reckoned with. They provide Peer to peer and crowdfunding for charities, as well as crowdfunding for individuals.

JustGiving Pricing

UK charities pay a monthly subscription fee of £15 + VAT or £39 +VAT. Payment processing fees are 1.9% and 20p per transaction. The optional GiftAid service fee is 5%.

CAF Donate

CAF Donate

With 90 years of experience in the field, CAF (Charity Aid Foundation) is one of the most accomplished fundraising platforms around. Over 5,000 (mostly small-to-medium) charities use CAF Donate to fundraise and process donations. In 2018 alone, they raised over £27 Million for UK charities. They offer tools to create customized online donation forms and buttons which are easily added to emails, websites, and social media as well as a GiftAid integration.

CAF Pricing

3.6*% of the total donation (including Gift Aid). It’s free to sign up to CAF Donate and there are no monthly fees.



If you want to raise money for a small charity with a focus on social giving, Givey may be a great fundraising platform option for you. Since Givey’s launch in 2015, and with over 8000 charities signed up, they have been leveling the playing field in order to raise more money and awareness for small local organizations. Charities can claim GIFT AID through Givey’s data reporting and businesses can run match-funding schemes to optimize donations.

Givey Pricing

Givey charges 5% on top of the donation amount. 100% of every donation + 100% of Gift Aid will still go to the charity of your choice, as they don’t deduct the fee from the donation amount.

Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving

Sponsors of the London Marathon, Virgin Money Giving started in 2009 and has grown to be one of the most popular fundraising platforms around. So far they have helped over 18,000 UK charities and over 1 million fundraisers raise more than £750 million online. They offer the following:

  • A full event fundraising service
  • Promotions and marketing activity
  • Weekly payment of donated funds to charities
  • Reports and fundraising data
  • Help desk service and account management
  • Gift Aid support

Virgin Money Pricing

There is a one-off membership fee of £150.00. Payment processing fees are 4.5%.


GoFundMe is a popular online fundraising platform worldwide

Whether you are an individual, a group, or an organization, GoFundMe is a great option for raising money for UK charities. Since starting in 2010, GoFundMe has raised over $5 billion benefiting over 2 million individual giving campaigns. Just make sure your chosen charity is registered with the Charity Commission and you can start raising money for them using GoFundme’s free and easy-to-use software. Payments are administered by the Paypal Giving Fund.

They also offer donor protection guarantees and 24/7 customer service guidance.

GoFundMe Pricing

For UK charities, the fees are 1.9% +20p per donation.

PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund

If you are looking for a way to raise money for charity through eBay sales, Paypal usage, or other technology platforms, Paypal Giving Fund may be for you. You can either make one-off donations through the website or donate a proportion or all of your profits from your eBay store. It is easy to enroll and GiftAid is supported

PayPal Giving Fund Pricing

There are no service fees as operating costs are covered by their partners.

Golden Giving

Golden Giving

Parent-Teacher Associations, small community projects, or social organizations are among a few groups that will enjoy Golden Giving’s not-for-profit fundraising site. With over £8 million raised for over 8,000 projects, both registered and non-registered charities can sign up for free and you can create personalized pages for your fundraising campaigns. They offer the following services:

  • Customised individual pages for solo challenges, or team pages for group efforts
  • Gift Aid
  • Contactless donations

Golden Giving Pricing

Free sign-up with admin fees for each donation. For debit card donations there is a platform fee of 1.75% and a 0.35%+0.07p card processing fee. This works out to a total of 2.11%+0.07p.


Everyclick for UK fundraising programs

Whether your chosen charity is registered or not, Everyclick allows you to raise money for them and contacts them as soon as your funds are ready to donate. Since they started they have raised over £14 million for deserving causes. Use their innovative,‘Give as your Live’ portal which encourages you to make money for your chosen charity simply by using their search engine to browse the web.

Supporters raise funds by surfing the internet via their search engine.

Everyclick Pricing

There is a 1.9% platform fee and a 2.9% payment processing fee on donations. No set-up or monthly subscription fees.

Conclusions on UK Fundraising Platforms

I remember at the beginning of the pandemic my mother calling and telling me about #Clapforourcarers, the Thursday evening clapping and banging on pots and pans in support of the incredible NHS nurses, doctors, and front-line workers.  My father filmed her while she was making as much noise as humanly possible, and I recall being overwhelmed with emotion while I showed my 5-year-old son the video clip. It reminded me of the great British camaraderie of the old days, where we had bunting-clad street parties to celebrate Royal weddings and Jubilees. This sense of bonding is exactly what we need at a time when so many are divided and unsure of what the future holds.

Let’s face it, this past year has been crazy for so many of us. Whether people have lost work, parents and children have gone completely insane with homeschooling or the lack of social interaction has turned many of us into introverted hermits, we can all say that it has been a year that none of us want to repeat any time soon.

No matter how strange it has all been and continues to be, there are still so many things we can do to gain a sense of normality and bring people together during this very surreal time.  One of these is raising money for good causes.

I hope you will find a great fundraising idea that works for your organization and raise money for a cause you care about.

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