Credit Card Transaction Fees for Pledge Subscriptions

Credit Card Transaction Fees for Pledge Subscriptions

Every day, maintaining PCI compliance and fraud protection become more important for e-commerce software providers. At the same time, maintaining this high level of compliance and best practices is quite costly. To help cover the costs associated with these compliance standards, DoJiggy is implementing a .20 transaction fee for all completed credit card transactions on our Pledge Crowdfunding platform.  

Pledge events by their nature of being peer-to-peer events generally have a disproportionate number of transactions in comparison with general registration events, as one active fundraising participant can easily generate 20-50 donation orders or even more. This is why the events are so successful! We have found that due to the associated volume of transactions, security compliance and support demands are highest on our larger Pledge events and we need to pass along some of the burden of higher costs on these events.

Note that clients using DoJiggy Payments or DoJiggy Merchant Services will be exempt from this fee.

The following transaction types will incur a .20 per transaction fee:

  • All credit card orders completed via one of our supported payment processors or manual processing function on DoJiggy or GolfReg Pledge subscriptions, purchased or renewed on or after October 1, 2015

The following transaction types will NOT incur a .20 per transaction fee:

  • All transactions made via DoJiggy Payments or DoJiggy Merchant Services
  • PayPal Pending orders
  • Declined credit card transactions
  • Cash or check orders
  • All transactions made via subscriptions purchased prior to September 30, 2015
  • All transactions made on Golf, Events, or Donations websites

Fees will be charged to your credit card on file on a monthly basis. Please contact Sales if you have any questions about this fee or to find out more about DoJiggy Payments or DoJiggy Merchant Services.

For over a decade, we have prided ourselves on being the best, low-cost provider of fundraising software for non-profits and schools. We are still committed to this goal. We hope you agree!

Lisa Bennett

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Lisa is the Sales Director at DoJiggy. She joined DoJiggy in 2006 and loves her job. Prior to working with DoJiggy, she worked at several non-profits and managed special event fundraising.

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