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DoJiggy Selected for Gartner's Nonprofit Donor Management Software FrontRunners


We are pleased to announce that DoJiggy Pledge crowdfunding software was recently selected to Gartner's list of 2017 Nonprofit Donor Management Software FrontRunners. The listing includes the top 24 software products in the Nonprofit Donor Management category, based on online user reviews and the Gartner Methodology.

For the non-profit Donor management software market, over 260 software services were evaluated and given a score for the capability and value they bring to users. In the Nonprofit Donor Management FrontRunners graphic, the Capability axis starts at 3.40 and ends at 4.40, while the Value axis starts at 3.60 and ends at 4.60.  DoJiggy was included on the list with a Capability User Rating of 3.40 and a Value User Rating of 3.62.

DoJiggy Pledge allows organizations to more successfully run crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising events and manage donor relations. Administrative features include the ability to:

  • Configure various registration fees, no cost registration, or participant import
  • Set minimum fundraising goals for participants &track fundraising participation rates
  • Configure prize management & prize badges
  • Sell and manage sponsorship packages
  • Promote sponsors & community partners
  • Sell event-related products
  • Register & manage volunteers
  • Auto-send Email confirmations to constituents for donations & registrations
  • Drive traffic to the website w/ Email management system or Social Media integrations
  • Download detailed financial & participant reports

FrontRunners is a 100% data-driven assessment of the most capable and valuable products for small businesses, published on Software Advice. With over 260 businesses analyzed for this report and only the top 24 chosen, DoJiggy is proud to be a Gartner Nonprofit Donor Management Software FrontRunner!

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