How to Select the Right Fundraising Software

How to Select the Right Fundraising Software

If your nonprofit is hosting any kind of fundraiser, chances are you’re investigating various fundraising software options to help you manage your fundraising event more effectively. But how do you know what software is the right one for your fundraiser? Before selecting your software, determine the type of fundraiser you plan to host. This will impact your decision. After all, different types of events require different features.

Here are a few basic questions you’ll want to ask:

  • Do people register for your event or purchase tickets?
  • Will you be collecting online donations?
  • Will you have individual participants or teams raising funds on your behalf?
  • How many administrators need access and what capabilities does your software need to have? (i.e. database management, email communications, reporting tools, etc.)

Below we outline a few different types of fundraising software options and the different features included with each. Hopefully this will provide some guidance to help you select the right type of software for your fundraising event.

Crowdfunding Software: This fundraising software is great for organizations hosting walk-a-thons or other peer-to-peer fundraising events where individual participants collect online donations or pledges. It comes with personal fundraising pages, where each participant has the ability to upload photos/videos, make personal goal statements, collect donations, share their personal fundraising page with family/friends, and track personal progress.  Administrators also have the capability to track participant/team progress, highlight sponsors, list event details (i.e. maps, checklists, etc.), and generate numerous from the central fundraising website.

Event Management Software: If you are hosting a fundraising event such as a gala, fundraising carnival, or a variety of other events where people purchase tickets or register, this might be the perfect software for you. Your customizable fundraising event website is capable of managing the entire event life cycle: event promotion and marketing, sponsor and sponsorship management, online event registration, product sales, collecting online donations, detailed financial reporting, and day-of-event operations.

Golf Tournament Software: This software comes with features specifically needed for managing charity golf tournaments such as: golfer registrations (multi-cost or flight), team pairing and tee-times, integrated volunteer capabilities, selling golf merchandise, collecting online donations, and more. Administrators have the ability to highlight sponsors, track progress, update event details, and highlight golf contests right from the golf tournament website. There is also a back-end area for managing communications, and generating numerous reports.

Charity Auction Software: if your fundraising event happens to be an online charity auction (or live auction event) this is the software for you. You’ll receive a charity auction website where you can list detailed descriptions of auction items, photos, donor information, item values, reserve amounts, bid increments and “buy now” pricing. This website provides a safe way for bidders to register and safely make payments for items “won”. There are also numerous reporting tools available for administrators to promote the event, and make the auction check-out process easier at the close of the event.

Donation Software:This software comes with a donations website where your nonprofit can inform people about your cause, and safely collect online donations. Some additional features may include the capability for donors to make both one-time and re-curring donations, as well as donations “in memory” or “on behalf of” another individual. There are also administrative features such as: progress tracking, donor management, email capabilities, and reporting tools.

DoJiggy provides fundraising software for all types of fundraising events! These fundraising sites are customizable, so the look-and-feel supports your brand, and are easy-to-use for administrators, event participants and donors.

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