Miniature Golf: A Hole in One for Fundraising

Miniature Golf: A Hole in One for Fundraising

Golf tournaments are popular for many different reasons. They are a great way to raise awareness for your cause, fundraise, and network with clients and sponsors, among other things. But not everyone is a golfer.

While traditional golf tournament fundraisers can be very lucrative, hosting a miniature golf fundraising event can also be a simple, effective way to fundraise. And, it’s a fundraising event that draws participation from a much larger audience. Miniature golf is the perfect event for schools – students, as well as their entire families, can attend.

Miniature Golf Fundraising: Getting Started

The first step is to find and arrange a place to play your tournament. Do this well in advance, especially if you are expecting a large number of attendees. Most likely you will want to rent the entire facility for a flat fee, which makes calculating your costs a little easier and the event more successful.

Price your tickets at a reasonable rate that your audience can afford, and offer family packages at a discount. This is a great way to get entire families involved since miniature golf is fun for all ages. Selling family packs of tickets can increase attendance and make it easier to reach your fundraising goal. Be sure to calculate all of your projected event costs and incorporate these costs into the ticket price.

Online Engagement

Create a golf tournament website that explains more about the event and the cause for the fundraiser. Allow people to register and purchase tickets on your website. If constituents cannot attend, perhaps they want to make an online donation. You can also offer branded fundraising merchandise – such as visors, t-shirts, etc. Use social sharing widgets to help your participants spread the word.

Miniature Golf Fundraising Sponsors

One great way to raise funds and get the local community involved is to have local businesses sponsor a hole. Businesses can sponsor holes in different ways – they can offer donation amounts for each hole, or donate prizes that people can win. In exchange, the business gets great publicity and can even have a table at the event, offer coupons to attendees, and more.

Contests, Games, and Activities at the Tournament

In addition to attendees playing a few rounds of miniature golf, you can also offer other activities. Selling raffle tickets to win a donated prize is a simple, easy way to raise funds. If you don’t have a large prize for the raffle, you can offer a cash prize, taking a percentage of the ticket sales for the winner. This often generates a lot of participation from attendees, and can raise a lot of funds for your cause.

Hosting contests and games keeps people engaged, especially for families with children. Contests can feature donated prizes, and you can sell tickets to play, raising even more funds.

In Summary

A miniature golf fundraising event is a fun, easy way to raise a lot of donations for your mission. They can often be set up quicker and easier than a full, traditional golf tournament, and present lots of ways for local businesses to get involved. They are a great option for schools, where students and families are the target audience.

If you’re hosting a golf fundraiser, we want to work with you! Our golf tournament software makes it easy for you to handle online donations securely and gives you a venue to easily communicate to donors and sponsors. Hope we can help you make your next golf tournament a hole in one!

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