Nonprofit CRM Demystification

Nonprofit CRM Demystification

A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) database for your organization is now affordable and easy to use with new nonprofit CRM technology leading the way. Best practices have fundraising websites, donor management CRMs and nonprofit websites housed under one roof. In this way, they talk to each other and share your constituent information.

Building Relationships with a Nonprofit CRM

CRM software is a great tool for managing constituents that make up and support a nonprofit organization’s community. Nonprofits are able to manage and create reports on the following types of constituents:

  • Donors
  • Volunteers
  • Nonprofit staff members
  • Board members
  • Supporters – social media followers and newsletter sign-ups
  • Crowdfunding and special event attendees
  • Business and community sponsors
  • Corporate donors and prospects
  • Constituents served by the organization

All of these constituent categories can be uniquely categorized in a nonprofit CRM. Constituent profiles of each allow you to communicate effectively. The information you’ll want to save about social media followers is different than that of board members. A CRM with detailed constituent profiles helps in building strong relationships through data fields. Save important relationship information and have it on tap for fundraising campaigns.

Nonprofit CRM Tools

Creating contact lists with your CRM allows you to personalize appeals. Emails written to everybody about everything can be impersonal. Speak to the hearts of your followers based on their interests. Gathering information and segmenting constituents will be automatically done by your CRM.

Save time by connecting social media followers and newsletter recipients. Feel on top of your work load by having these lists saved in your CRM. Watch as more donors give as you thus focus on creative content that’s personalized.

A good nonprofit CRM offers tools that help you with donor retention, such as giving histories. Features that show the success of various outreach efforts is an excellent  tool to look for.

CRM and Crowdfunding Campaigns

Raise more money with fewer resources by teaming your crowdfunding website with your CRM. Cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) technology changes the game. You’ll be able to manage participant and donor relationships, process donations. and automate fundraising and marketing communications. Your crowdfunding website housed under the same roof as your CRM creates this synergy.

Nonprofit CRM Includes Volunteer Management

Nonprofit CRM DemystificationThere are two important functions pertaining to your volunteers a CRM can help you with. 1) Managing the work they do for you and creating volunteer committees 2) Storing a detailed volunteer profile designed to turn them into donors. Knowing volunteers and recognizing their value is at the heart of every nonprofit. Consider that some of the largest organizations run solely with volunteers.

Choose a CRM that holds the power to create a customized experience for volunteers. Empower your staff with automatic reports and instant access to volunteer information. The backgrounds, skills and interests of volunteers at your fingertips come in handy when you embark upon a fundraising campaign.

Nonprofit CRM Donations

With a nonprofit CRM you can collect secure online and mobile donations. You’ll be able to customize donation forms and add your nonprofit branding elements. All of the information on donations is stored. Offline donations can be entered into our CRM; donor profile information will be stored the same as with online donations.

Adding a way to process donations designed for the best donor experience on your CRM is important. Ask your constituents to do test runs and create a seamless donor experience. Consult your test team with the following questions:

  • Was filling out the donation form easy?
  • How could our donation form be made easier and shorter?
  • What page are you brought to next?
  • How can we improve our confirmation page?
  • Were you provided with info on how your donation will be used?
  • Did you receive an email or phone call saying thanks?
  • How can we improve our thank you note?
  • How can we improve our process and the donor experience overall?

Board Members Using CRMs

Your staff can create reports and send them to the inbox of board members. To name just a few of the areas a nonprofit CRM may help in doing their job include:

  • Strategic planning and support of your organization’s goals
  • Creative financial planning and securing adequate financial resources for the organization to fulfill its mission
  • Active involvement in the development of the nonprofit’s annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls
  • Recruiting and training new and diverse board members and evaluating performance
  • Overseeing and cooperating in legal and ethical standards and norms

How a CRM Helps Nonprofit Staff

Saving the precious time of nonprofit staff members is found in all aspects of a CRM. Your staff are able to assist donors, volunteers and board members. They are able to analyze and how things are working and continually look at ways to improve through CRM lists.

Your CRM improves productivity. Employees don’t need to recreate emails sent weekly.  Email templates and prior emails are stored and can be recreated. Send automated thank-you notes and donation receipts. Sending gift acknowledgments to donors can be automated. Setting up your nonprofit CRM to send a thank-you email that includes a tax deductible receipt saves staff time. 

Read more on why your organization needs nonprofit CRM.

Nonprofit CRM Email Outreach

Use the power of email automation to increase productivity within your nonprofit:

  • Nonprofit staff will no longer have to spend their valued time writing and sorting emails you send weekly.
  • Schedule emails and automate email responses to constituents.
  • CRM software also provides customization tools to ensure that your emails have your branding colors, font, photo and logo.
  • Your CRM can automate emails to your staff members, volunteers, donors board members and others.

Everybody Benefits

Create more cohesion and better communication with a nonprofit CRM. All of your constituents benefit. Select one that possesses current technology and best meets your needs. Do more and spend less with open source CRM software for nonprofits. Find your crowdfunding website housed alongside your nonprofit CRM and nonprofit website. Contact us at DoJiggy for more information and clarification to get started.

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