Readathon Ideas for Schools

Readathon Ideas for Schools

School readathons and reading fundraisers promote literacy and a love of reading for children, and raise money for schools in keeping their educational standards high. Cultivating the love of books is encouraged by involving children and communities in reading based fundraising. Weather the readathon or reading challenge evolves around reading to children in hospitals or simply at the student’s leisure, the common element involves school crowdfunding through reading.

Unique Readathon Ideas for Schools

Make your Readathon fundraising event the highlight of the school year for children by adding fun reading and book based fundraising activities and incentives. Great readathon ideas vary according to age groups, yet all of the readathon ideas for schools we´ll share with you are brimming with imagination.

These ideas along with our crowdfunding software provide a complete readathon management experience for schools and PTO groups, as well as library or other literacy based organization fundraisers.

Bedtime Reading Night

To kick off elementary school events, it is a fun idea to have your kids show up wearing PJs with their pillows and stuffed animals at school. Invite them to re-read their favorite books or select a new book. Have each classroom agree on a favorite book and decorate their doors as giant book covers. The giant book-cover door will open up to find the room decorated as a scene from the book. You could have parents, teachers or community volunteers do the reading. Everyone can then meet in the cafeteria to celebrate the readathon with hot chocolate and cookies and read one more story before returning home.

Movable Book Store

Invite your favorite local bookstore to hold a book sale at your school the week before your readathon. Ask your students, teachers and parents to put together a list of their favorite books or those they wish for their children to read. Your local book store will supply the books for a book fair in which people may buy books for themselves or donate them to your library. This generates more interest in reading for the readathon and offers an opportunity to promote your fundraiser through your DoJiggy fundraising website. A portion of the book sales are donated by the book store as a sponsorship to kick off the readathon.

Reading to the Community

Readathons can take on a community service twist by reading to elderly folks in a nursing home or children in hospitals. Schools can organize a time and location for each classroom to participate in a community-based readathon. Everyone will find this event rewarding, and your students will learn the joy and value of sharing the gift of reading. Your donors will be inspired by the rich layers of service and education you´re bringing forth to the community.

Readathon Community Sponsorship

Ask your local and regional bookstores to sponsor your reading event by providing posters, flyers and paid advertisements in your local newspaper and radio station. They will be happy to be involved and receive some great publicity on your DoJiggy readathon website for helping to further the education and literacy of the young citizens in their community. Traveling to bookstores with your children is a way to teach them a love of books by surrounding them with hundreds of books, their beautiful pages and being in a great atmospheres for reading. Find a bookstore in your town or neighboring towns who will sponsor your school fundraiser and share your commitment to your upcoming readathon.

School Readathon Book Exchange

Organize a school-wide book exchange to be held in the days or weeks just before your readathon. Ask students to bring in books they’ve already read in exchange for a number created by the event organizers using postcards. Place the books on display and group them in age categories. The children will choose the books they wish to have with their postcards. Offering some spare postcards to the kids who aren’t able to bring in books is a good idea, to make everyone part of the event.

A book exchange is a way of encouraging your students to read and share their thoughts about each character and story, while drawing more attention to your upcoming readathon. Inviting students to socialize around reading by setting up book clubs and reading groups to encourage interaction around books greatly enhances their comprehension and makes reading more enjoyable. Be creative in advertising with blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to generate some chatter around your readathon using our convenient DoJiggy social media widgets.

Readathon Quiz Time

Adding other activities to your readathon alongside the main event will be more fun for your participants and donors. Quizzes have been very popular in getting pledges among work colleagues, family and friends of the school or organization – they are a bit different from the usual requests for donations and it gives supporters an intellectual challenge which they’ll find satisfying. If solely a few people compile the questions and answers it is best so that as many people as possible can take part in the quiz. There are several websites to help you with ideas for questions. Post your quiz results on your DoJiggy readathon website and create another reason to spread the word about your fun fundraising event. And add a Donate Now fundraising widget to your website to make giving easier for your donors.

A kid’s quiz is another idea, letting children take turns in reading a book of their choice to their class. Before the reading ask the reader to prepare two or three questions about the book. After the reading, the reader gives a quiz to the class and then has responsibility for grading the papers. Your kids will love playing teacher for a day.

DoJiggy Offers Readathon Software to Make Your School Reading Events a Success!

Features of our powerful readathon software include:

  • Readers have their own fundraising page which is easily shared via email and social media
  • Classrooms or grade levels have fundraising pages which include all participants’ combined fundraising progress
  • Fundraising thermometers, Leaderboards and top fundraisers are tracked and displayed on your website (if desired) to promote competition between your participants and help you raise more
  • Privacy features are enabled, so that last names do not show on your walk website and student pages are not indexed in Google
  • Off-line donations and checks are easily tracked and entered from a pledge form to the software, at no additional cost
  • Administrators can import students or enable the easy registration for schools page
  • We support per unit of effort pledges based on the amount of time, pages or books participants read

Free Readathon Resources

DoJiggy provides free school fundraising resources to help your school or PTO in planning and managing your readathon fundraiser and other peer-to-peer fundraising events. Our goal is to offer these fundraising resources, used in conjunction with our fundraising software for read-a-thons, to save your organization valuable staff and volunteer time and allow you to raise more money for your school or PTO.

Start a free-trial of our crowdfunding software for readathons so that you may be certain it will be the best tool for you in designing a spectacular readathon fundraiser which will bring in the funds necessary to help your school or organization.

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