School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

Back to school time means that your child may be asked to help with school fundraising. Children of all ages can get involved in fundraising one way or another. And whether it’s a school fundraising campaign, or your child is fundraising for their church youth group or sports team, the same tips and tricks apply.

As a parent, you might find it to be a little overwhelming, especially if your child is involved in numerous activities. But getting children involved in fundraising is a wonderful thing to do! Showing kids that you can actually have fun helping others is an important part of parenting and helps to build a stronger sense of community. Your child will remember these fundraising activities for a long time to come.

Below we share a few tips to keep in mind when fundraising for your school.

Fundraising Tips for Working with Kids

  • Be Safe! The days of going door-to-door beyond your neighborhood are in the past. Sure children can still ask neighbors, family and friends for donations, but online fundraising campaigns are generally a much safer option.
  • Make it Easy. Your fundraiser should be simple for kids to participate. Kids are very tech savvy! So an easy-to-use fundraising website works for most age levels (and of course, parents may need to assist younger children. Kids can easily sign up, personalize their fundraising page, and then share a link through email or their social channels.
  • Keep it Short. With children, you’ll need to keep their attention, so don’t drag the fundraiser out too long. Hit it hard for 2 weeks. And if you are hosting an event, plan it for just a couple hours (not an entire day).
  • Provide Rewards and Incentives. There’s nothing kids like better than prizes! Give them prizes if they reach a certain goal. Set up a contest to reward the top performers.

15 Great School Fundraising Ideas

Fun Runs – This is one of the most lucrative fundraising events, when using fundraising software to support your walk. Have children raise donations based on how many laps they can run around the school track in a certain amount of time. Have music and entertainment during the event.

Talent Show or Karaoke Contest – Raise money by charging a small entrance fee. Guests can vote for their favorite acts. Sell refreshments for additional revenue.

Easy Sales Ideas – Have children sell something such as: T-shirts, cookbooks, greeting cards, or discount coupon books. Be creative! Perhaps you can create cards with artwork the kids have created and sell them to family and friends.

School Thrift Shop – Encourage students to bring used toys, clothing and sports equipment and host a community sale to raise money.

Online Auction – Ask local businesses to donate items for your auction and then auction items online. Classes can work together to create a themed basket, such as a spa or a camp-out basket.

Car Wash – Coordinate your car wash with another event where you’re sure there will be lots of traffic – (i.e. a Saturday morning sports tournament).

“Shave a Teacher’s Head” Drive – Find a few teachers who are willing to volunteer and have students vote with secret donations on which teacher they’d like to see shave his/her head. The teacher with the most votes (money collected) loses their hair.

Have a 50/50 raffle at a school event (possibly a football game or homecoming parade) – Sell tickets for $1, $5, or $10 with the winning prize worth half of the amount of ticket sales.Pancake Breakfast – Hold a pancake breakfast on a Saturday morning. Make it fun for kids with a bar to add your own berries, fruit slices, and chocolate chips. Plenty of advertising will bring in hungry guests! Charge by the plate and ask for additional donations.

Gift Wrap Holiday Presents – Work with a local mall to set up a gift-wrap station during the holidays and have children wrap gifts in exchange for donations.

Gather Loose Change – Provide labeled jars or bottles and distribute at local establishments (grocery stores or restaurants). Put a sign up inviting people to drop their loose change in, then pick a date for collecting and counting all that change.

Sponsorships – this is a great sports fundraising idea. Reach out to local businesses to see if they are willing to sponsor a team. Businesses can be featured on jerseys, and at each game with a banner.

Concerts – Have Musical groups play their instruments at the local farmer’s market or shopping center and collect donations for your cause.

Serve-a-thon – Have children donate their time to helping the needy (hospitals, nursing homes, etc). Children set a goal and request donations in exchange for donating their time to help others.

Recycling Contest – if you live in a state where refunds are made from recyclables, collect bottles from friends and neighbors and put all of the money raised towards your goal.

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