Success for ElderHouse with DoJiggy Merchant Services

Success for ElderHouse with DoJiggy Merchant Services

Dancing With Stars is an annual fundraising event held by Elderhouse, benefiting their adult day care program. The senior citizens of their community are supported by this lively dance-a-thon in providing their day care experience with safety, independence, dignity, vitality and wellness. And DoJiggy Merchant Services was in the background managing the payment processing, so that Elderhouse could focus on fundraising and making this special event successful for their elders.

“Thanks to you, we were able to raise a lot of money.” Denise Cesario with ElderHouse had this to say about DoJiggy Software and DoJiggy Merchant Services.

“As the executive director of ElderHouse for the past 20 years, I am passionate about the work that we are doing on behalf of seniors in our communities. In a service industry such as adult day care, quality is defined by the people who provide the care. Nowhere will you find a more experienced group of staff professionals than at ElderHouse. We are deeply committed to improving the lives of aging seniors and their caregivers.” Denise Cesario

Elderhouse enjoyed several benefits in using DoJiggy Merchant Services, including low credit card processing fees, no contract or terminal fees, no application fee, and free integration with their DoJiggy fundraising software. DoJiggy configured their account and integrated it with their DoJiggy fundraising websites at no extra cost. This service insured that their account was correctly configured and tested to accept all supported credit cards on their website, and helped in confirming that payments were settled to their bank account, providing them with peace of mind.

A free donation website subscription was provided for ElderHouse as a benefit of using DoJiggy Merchant Services, ElderHouse Donations. This website allows them to collect one-time online donations or recurring giving by month, quarter, or year. Nonprofit and community organizations such as ElderHouse raise more money by providing this simple and safe way for supporters to make online donations towards their cause. This easy-to-use donation website allows them to take secure online (including In Honor Of and In Memory Of) donations in minutes.

Most merchant services providers charge hundreds of dollars in equipment fees, but DoJiggy Merchant Services provides free credit card terminals such as mobile payment processing devices. Additionally, DMS offers nonprofit organizations with a free analysis and comparison of their existing merchant services contract.

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