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This is a blog about online fundraising for non-profits. It includes DoJiggy product and company information as well as fundraising industry news and tips. We also highlight clients that are successfully using our software to help inspire others on their fundraising journey.

Focus More On Donor Retention


We focus so much on fundraising events, crowdfunding, fundraising ideas and fundraising websites that having a singular focus on donor retention requires more attention. How to get to know your donors, appeal to them and keep them coming back may be overlooked questions. How to find out what they are thinking and feeling is also underestimated in its impact on fundraising.

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Is your Donation Website Sophisticated?

Is your Donation Website Sophisticated?

Fundraising through a donation website is essential for every nonprofit organization. Having this online presence in particular is key to the success of your overall fundraising efforts. Varied styles and uses of donation websites are available to you. No matter what other fundraising websites and events you hold annually, a donation website brands your organization and makes donating easier for your donors.

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