Church Charity Auction

Church Charity AuctionChurch Fundraising auctions are a great way to raise money for your church. Not only have auctions proven to have tremendous fundraising potential, they are also a great community builder involving people from your congregation in a meaningful way.

The first step for hosting a charity auction is to reach out to local businesses, community organizations, local celebrities and any and all networks to receive donated items, talent or treasures to auction off. Examples of items include autographed CDs, movies, sports-team memorabilia, antiques, and donations from local restaurants or businesses. Don’t forget… It is also possible to auction services and skills. Especially if they are services that support the greater good and help the less fortunate (such as donating time to do yard work for elderly, or clean houses for handicapped, or read stories to sick children in the Children’s Hospital) Request service donations from congregation members and allow for sign-ups during community gatherings. This is a great way for a congregation to bond with the community and give back through lending a helping hand.

Online Auction

Our favorite type of auction is an online charity auction where the auction takes place on a custom website created for your church. Event announcements invite attendees to visit your website to view and bid on auction items. This type of auction allows for more detailed information about the purpose of your church fundraiser. It also allows for more information about each item including: product images, starting bids, detailed product descriptions, item values, reserve amounts, bid increments, links to the donator’s web page, optional “Buy Now” pricing and more. In addition, it gives people who are unable to attend an actual fundraising event a chance to bid on items. If conducting an online auction, we highly recommend sending an email invitation with a link to the webpage, making it much easier for people to access.

Silent Auction

In a silent auction, items are displayed on tables at an event with a sign-up sheet for event attendees to bid on items. The minimum bid and raise amounts should be noted. Bids are closed at a set time with an announcement being made that the bidding is ending to encourage one last round of bidding. Once closed, the winning (last) bidder is notified and can collect and pay for their items. A silent auction can be easily added as part of a church fundraising or community event. If you are having a bake-sale following service on a Sunday afternoon, set up a table with donated auction items and bid sheets for people to bid on.

Whether hosting an online auction or a silent auction, be sure to promote the fundraiser in church newsletters, on your website and during Sunday services.

How do I manage all the details?

DoJiggy has discontinued our Auction software service as of January 2016, but have recommended a charity auction software provider. Find more information about our recommended auction software provider and download a free trial.