Church Youth Group Fundraisers

Church Youth FundraiserHosting a church youth group fundraiser is probably one of the largest kinds of faith-based fundraising initiatives. Whether it is for religious school programs, Sunday school, or investing in church programs targeted towards collaboration and bonding among youth groups, church youth fundraisers do not need to be difficult. We have done some research and in the content below, we provide you with some interesting ideas to help you create a successful church youth fundraiser.

With every church fundraising campaign, you are teaching children about community service and being a part of something larger than themselves. Not only will this help your church financially, but it will also give children a sense of purpose and strengthen their faith.

Religious Sales Contests

Product sales are a great way to get church youth groups involved in raising funds for your church. Be sure to choose products that are in-line with the vision of your church organization such as rosaries, bibles, candles, etc. All of these items can make for a successful fundraising sales contest. Consider implementing a fundraising sales contest during seasons where certain items are in high demand. Why not sell nativity sets, advent calendars, angel tree-toppers and religious-themed wrapping paper to celebrate the birth of Christ? Or what about items to fill Easter baskets in celebration of His resurrection?

Consider adding awards for top fundraisers! This can provide additional incentive for children to sell more through competition, and learn about setting goals and striving to achieve them.

Church Talent Shows

Have a meeting with your church youth groups and ask children to share their special talents in a fun event for the congregation. You will be surprised with the results! Between singing, dancing, playing instruments or surprising crowds with other fun talents and tricks, you could come up with an interactive show to put on for your congregation and community. Charge an entrance fee for your fundraising talent show and sell food and beverages at the event for additional revenue. Your entire community will enjoy spending time together while watching the talents of youth who will someday be the leaders of your congregation. Children will also feel satisfaction for performing a job well done and receiving applause and praise for sharing their talents, while raising money for a good cause.

Add a fundraising raffle as part of the talent show. Reach out to the local community to get items donated. Allow people to purchase raffle tickets when they enter the event and at the close of the show raffle the items off. This can be a fun way to raise additional dollars for your church.

Community Serve-a-thon

Another interesting church fundraising idea to consider is creating a variation of the walk-a-thon theme with a “community serve-a-thon” fundraising event. A serve-a-thon not only provides fundraising dollars to contribute to your church’s operating budget, but also makes a positive impact on the community.

Youth groups raise money by reaching out to family and friends and asking for pledge donations to help their church. In turn, children provide the community with a type of service. People interested in contributing go online to make donations and read about the type of “service” participants will provide once their fundraising goals are met.

The church youth group decides on a “serve-a-thon” day where youth group members volunteer their time serving various organizations in the community. Common groups include helping homeless and crisis shelters, assisting the elderly, caring for less fortunate children, and participating in environmental conservation programs.

One of the biggest benefits about a youth fundraising program like this is that children learn to become servant leaders while helping their church meet its financial needs.

Confirmation Fundraisers

Confirmation fundraisers are often held to fund a group retreat or collaborative event where young adults can learn about the responsibilities and obligations they should choose to make to support their Faith as they mature. These activities may often include fun activities and games where adolescents learn the value of love, friendship, giving and working together. Groups often engage in discussions about the Gospel, lessons learned and applied to real life, and how to keep faith abundant without the constant supervision of parents.

When planning a fundraising event for confirmation, why not let members of the youth groups do the planning? What a great way for young adults to work together as a team, to help them learn organizational and management skills, set goals and make plans to accomplish them. These are all valuable lessons that they can take with them on to college, in their professional careers and into their homes and lives of their future families. Support and encourage their abilities to “”take the reins”, and make organizing the fundraising event part of the fun!

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