Kieve Wavus

Kieve Wavus

Tell us about your cause.

Kieve (kee-ave’) is a Celtic verb which means to strive in emulation of — to work hard to acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes from others so as to improve yourself. Wavus (wah-vus) was a revered legendary chief, who with his people inhabited the Point long ago. Kieve-Wavus educates and empowers young people and adults to contribute positively to society. We foster spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth in order to increase self-confidence, raise personal aspirations, and generate enthusiasm for life- long learning. Working at our spectacular camps on Damariscotta Lake, in the wilderness, in schools, and in communities, we promote the values of teamwork, kindness, respect, and environmental stewardship.

What kind of special event fundraising do you do to support your mission?

Much of our support comes from former staff members, campers, and their families. We have banquets throughout the year to benefit our Loyalty Scholarship Fund. We are in our 9th year of hosting a banquet in homage to the tragedy of September 11. We are the recipient of fundraising done through a private golf tournament as well. This was our first online Auction event.

Walk us through the planning process.

We have a fundraising committee through our advisory board and trustees. They are in various geographic locations, but have monthly meetings to organize our fundraising events. Most of the actual work is done in our camp office. We started 6 months before the date of our auction and mailed our constituent base with information about the upcoming event. Then the following month, we sent emails and yet another hard copy mailing. At this point we began soliciting donations for the auction. We have a large constituent base, so we had hundreds of donated items. Once the donations were finalized we did heavy promotion through mailings again focusing on a ten day only bidding option.

Did you reach out to local sponsors?

We did receive some gift certificates as in kind donations from some of the local businesses, but we really did not have the capability to solicit much in the way of local sponsorship. We have a limited staff in the local office and that hindered our ability to really hustle donations from the local community.

Did you do any advertising to get participants?

Again, since the camp has been in existence for over 100 years, we have a huge constituent base. The mailings were sufficient in getting people interested in participating. We did not do any outside advertising, but kept the event restricted to the Kieve Wavus family.

How did DoJiggy help with the planning and success of your event?

DoJiggy was essential for this event because it was an online auction. Our support base is made up of individuals from a wide range of geographical locations. We were able to include the members of our family from all over the world in this fundraising effort. The only way this was possible was through the online service provided by DoJiggy. We had three live events in different locations where we closed out the auction. This was also made possible by having a website that could be accessed from anywhere. We were able to close our international auction in one place, although we had three different events and participants from all over! The best part is that it was very easy to use, both for the administrators as well as for the participants.

Tell us about your success…How many participants? how much did you raise? Did you accomplish your goals?

Most definitely. The auction was a grand success and we will continue to do it on an annual basis. We were able to raise almost $20,000 on the auction alone!

Do you have any advice for other organizations?

We have been doing successful fundraising for years, but this was our first online experience. I cannot say enough about how great it was! For any organization that has constituents in different geographical locations, or for promoting the organization to a wider audience, the online auction is the way to go. It becomes unnecessary to have a live event, which cuts down immensely on the cost of running a fundraiser. The DoJiggy Online Auction provided us with the perfect medium for fundraising.

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  • Russell Williams, Development & Communications Director