Lighthouse Medical Missions

Lighthouse Medical Missions

Tell us about your cause.

The Lighthouse Medical Mission initiated its first programs to Africa twelve years ago. They began by sending medical professionals and lay people, mostly to Sierra Leone, to distribute medical attention and supplies while promoting the gospel at the same time. Sierra Leone is the site of utter destruction and bloodshed, and the Lighthouse Medical Missions (LMM) volunteers work in teams of 45 seeing up to 3,000 people a week. In addition to the medical attention, the teams hold Revival Services in the evenings instilling new hope and faith in Jesus. They also have a program to build schools and have completed two with two more in the works. Besides providing education to the community, they work hard to foster the tools necessary for Sierra Leoneans to have the work skills and intention to stay in their country and give back to their communities rather than migrate for work or opportunities.

What kind of special event fundraising do you do to support your mission?

We primarily organize dinner banquets and silent auctions although we have done some benefit concerts and film screenings. Last year, we hosted our first annual Walk to Africa, using DoJiggy. The event was a huge success with over 400 persons participating in the 8-mile walk. Overall, more than $40,000 was raised! We already have the date marked for this year’s event.

Walk us through the planning process.

The planning can be very expensive, especially when you are soliciting donors to give large donations. There has been speculation that the faltering economy has affected the fundraising arena, but surprisingly enough, in regards to support for donations for Africa we have not seen any decrease in financial support.

Did you reach out to local sponsors?

In the Walk to Africa event, we offered sponsorship packages which helped in acquiring large donations. The sponsorships were very successful.

How did DoJiggy help with your planning?

It was difficult to get through the template at first, but with the help of the DoJiggy sales staff and a little bit of practice, it got easy. Using the DoJiggy module was much easier than creating our own website. The competitor was harder to navigate and did not allow for the customization we were looking for. They also required that you register as a member on their website first before being able to order the fundraising tools. DoJiggy was much more straight forward.

DoJiggy has everything! They made it so easy to plan and run my event that I didn’t even have to think about what was needed, DoJiggy just told me. The year subscription is wonderful for having ample time to promote the event by making a save the date announcement and being able to forward the link for the site through email is key. The ability to advertise sponsors on the site is an excellent attraction for acquiring sponsorship packages, which leads to greater donation amounts. This also allows for our organization to demonstrate our partnerships to the community. DoJiggy offers so many different modules, the customization, and especially the credit card processing options that we have not been able to process before. They are highly valuable traits. We are looking forward to having an even greater success by using DoJiggy for this year.

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  • Based on an interview with
    Patty Peterson