Mobile Credit Card Processing for Nonprofit Events

DoJiggy now offers mobile payment processing for nonprofit events. Just what you’ve been looking for!

Pair our credit card swiper with your smartphone or tablet to easily accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Our state-of-the-art reader works with EMV chip cards and traditional magstripe cards and is compatible with iOS, Android, and even desktop computers.

Best of all, your first swiper is free! Additional readers are just $29.95 each.

Why Choose DoJiggy Mobile Payment Processing?

Mobile payment processing is the perfect solution for nonprofit events.Why? You need to take credit cards efficiently, without taking the time to key in transactions. The equipment and setup costs are low (or free!) and setup is easy.


Please note that mobile processing services are available only in the US, at this time. Organizations must have a US bank account to apply.

Why Choose DoJiggy Mobile Payment Processing?

Benefits of our nonprofit events package include:

  • No setup fees and 1 free card reader (including free shipping)
  • A low, swiped rate of just 2.9% + $.20 transaction fee (keyed transaction rate is 3.49% +$.20 transaction fee)
  • $10.99 monthly gateway fee for the first reader, $4.99 for additional card readers
  • Additional card readers are available for just $29.95
  • No monthly minimum or annual fees
  • No PCI requirements or fees
  • No cancellation fees – cancel after your event with no problem

How Does Mobile Payment Processing Work?

Our mobile payment processing reader allows users to turn a regular cell phone into a mobile credit card processing terminal. Simply attach the credit card swiper to your cell phone and you are ready to start accepting credit cards. Download the mobile app to manage and keep track of your donations and sales. Transactions take seconds to complete and you can email a receipt to your constituents.

How Does Mobile Payment Processing Work?

Processing transactions using a cell phone is similar to processing transactions using a POS system or a traditional credit card terminal. Here are the steps to securely process credit cards via our mobile readers:

  1. Swipe or tap the constituent’s credit card. You can also manually enter (key in) credit card data.
  2. Enter the payment amount.
  3. The transaction is securely sent through the processing network for approval.
  4. You will receive a message with either a payment authorization or a declined payment. When a payment is declined, it can also include other messages which should be followed.
  5. Optionally enter the email address to email a receipt to your constituent.

It’s that easy!

Our Mobile Credit Card Processing Features

Our Mobile Credit Card Processing Features

With DoJiggy Merchant Services mobile readers, organizations can:

  • Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Use Signature Capture on touchscreen devices
  • Email receipts to your customers
  • Check transaction history and reports on your phone or online

Organizations also have a convenient online dashboard where you can:

  • View and download transaction histories, print and email receipts, and process refunds.
  • Customize email receipts with your logo, contact information, and a personal message. You can even include live links to your website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.
  • Edit your account information, password, and phone line settings.
  • View tutorials, download the user guide, access your apps online, or submit a help request.

How Is Mobile Payment Processing Best Used?

Mobile credit card processing is becoming more and more popular as usage of mobile phones and mobilzed services continue to rise.

How Is Mobile Payment Processing Best Used?

Mobile credit card processing is especially desirable for special event fundraising and businesses on the go. Nonprofits and schools can easily sell t-shirts, water bottles, refreshments and more as part of a fundraising event. Golf tournaments offer a great opportunity to sell mulligans, golf contest entries, food and drink and take general donations. Any type of service that conducts business from the client’s home, an event company that processes vendor payments on-site, or a business conducting sales at a trade show can all benefit from mobile payments. Having the ability for a donor or customer to pay via a secure credit card terminal is important for increasing revenues.

With our mobile credit card processing service, US based organizations can quickly swipe credit cards and process payments. No internet is required, as the swiper works via your mobile phone service provider. Your donors will receive an emailed receipt for their transaction, and you’ll be off and swiping the next card in no time. You will just need to be sure that your phone or iPad is on the list of supported mobile devices.

Uses of Mobile Payment Processing at Nonprofit and Charity Events

There are lots of reasons to accept credit and debit card transactions at your next special event. Processing credit cards will help your organization:

Uses of Mobile Payment Processing at Nonprofit and Charity Events
  • Take last minute registration fees
  • Sell raffle tickets
  • Collect for live and silent auction items
  • Sell food, refreshments and drinks
  • Sell event t-shirts and other swag
  • Sell entries for golf tournament contests or mulligans
  • Take donations

So why wait? Take your special event fundraising to the next level with mobile payments.