Mobile Fundraising Websites

DoJiggy is excited to offer mobile fundraising websites with each of our online software solutions.

Mobile Fundraising

With the increased usage of mobile devices, nonprofit and community organizations are going to need to reach their constituents on their mobile devices. Therefore, integrating mobile giving as part of your fundraising campaign is going to be a necessity. In order to do this effectively, it’s important to have a fundraising website that is easy to navigate, and user-friendly on smaller screens. Luckily, DoJiggy’s online fundraising solutions all come with a mobile fundraising website. And, it does not cost a penny more! These new mobile optimized fundraising websites allow participants, sponsors and donors to access your fundraiser at any time from their cell phone or i-pad.

What is a mobile fundraising website?

So you may ask why you would need a “mobile fundraising site” when you already have a fundraising website that people can access via the Web on their mobile device. Here is where it becomes tricky. Yes, people may be able to pull up your fundraising website on their phone, but if it is not mobile-optimized your risk of losing these potential supporters is much higher. Why? The content is harder to read. The text boxes are too small for our fingers to use on the touch-screen. This requires users to zoom and try to navigate in a very NON-user-friendly manner. A mobile optimized fundraising website removes these barriers.

Mobile Fundraising

Benefits a Mobile Fundraising Website

  • A mobile fundraising website shows constituents that your organization is tech-savvy and keeping up with trends
  • A mobile fundraising website provides easy navigation with increased font sizes, smaller photos, larger text boxes and buttons
  • Content is summarized so people can quickly skim content and engage with your fundraising website from their mobile device
  • Mobile fundraising allows for immediate response. If participants send an email or post a message to Facebook, potential donors can immediately access the fundraising site to make a donation from wherever they are
  • A mobile fundraising website allows for constant engagement between participants, donors, volunteers, donors

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