Accepting Online Donations

Online Donations

The ability to securely accept online donations is the standard for any successful fundraising campaign. And thanks to Social Media, every organization and their supporters have the ability to reach out to their online networks in support of a cause. While traditional donation collection methods are still effective, they are not going to take your fundraising campaigns to the next level. In fact, we’ve seen many organizations that have doubled or even tripled the amount raised after integrating an online fundraising campaign that allowed them to securely collect online donations.

DoJiggy offers two great subscription options to help your organization get started collecting online donations. Which one looks right for you?

DoJiggy Pledge for Non-Profit Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers – is for walk-a-thons and similar fundraising initiatives where your constituents help raise money for your cause. Participants share a link to a personal fundraising page with friends and family, via email or social media channels. Donors then make online donations directly to your organization, in honor of their participation. Fundraising progress is tracked in real time via fundraising thermometers and leaderboards. Team fundraising and friendly competition is encouraged.

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DoJiggy Donations – includes a simple donation website for your organization and supports one-time and recurring donations. Many organizations use DoJiggy Donations as their Donate Now option. We offer a free Donations website for non-profits utilizing either of our payment processing options.

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Still not convinced that your organization should invest in online fundraising software? Here are more benefits of accepting online donations:

  • Extend Your Reach: Constituents can share the link to your website with their family and friends, opening up your fundraising campaign to a whole new market (a market that extends beyond your database and well beyond the borders of your community).
  • Donations are Secure: DoJiggy maintains the highest security standards so you can rest assured that your donors’ credit and debit card payments are securely processed via an online payment processing gateway. No more writing checks or shuffling cash donations. Donors get immediate receipts and the amount contributed is automatically tallied.
  • Ease-of Use: Donors are looking for an easy way to contribute to your cause. By accepting online donations, you provide an easy way for donors to make a one-time donation or set-up recurring donations to give monthly.
  • Reporting Tools: With online donation processing you can track fundraising progress in real-time. You know exactly how close you are to achieving your goal as each online donation that comes in is tracked. If you are integrating participants in the process of raising funds (via a Pledge fundraising campaign) you can highlight top performers, thus motivating others. You can also easily capture donor information and generate numerous reports. No more excessive data entry as everything is getting entered right into your online system.