Online Fundraising Event Registration

Online Fundraising Event Registration

With the right planning and fundraising software tools (such as online fundraising event registration), hosting a fundraising event can be easy, fun and quite lucrative for your organization. There are many different options for fundraisers including: sending donation request letters, product sales, discounts cards, and various types of fundraising events. If you decide to host a fundraising event such as a walk-a-thon (or other “a-thon” event), a charity golf tournament, a fundraising gala event, or online charity auction to raise funds for your cause, consider integrating an online event registration solution to help you manage the various details of your event!

Benefits of Online Fundraising Event Registrations:

  • Online registrations have replaced paper and fax registrations
  • Allows for receiving money upfront without the hassle of checks and printing costs of forms
  • Most people now prefer to interact in an online environment. Offering sign-up and payment with a credit card rather than mailing paperwork and a check is faster, safer and easier for participants!
  • Effective for all types of fundraising events that have paid registrations
  • Security is key with online registrations ensuring participant, volunteer and sponsor information is not shared or lost, and credit card payments are securely processed
  • Online fundraising event registration allows administrators to generate various reports including: event attendee contact lists, donor reports, financial reports, and automatically sending receipts when people register online

DoJiggy offers a number of online fundraising software solutions that include complete a web-based registration and donation management system. This makes the registration and donation-collection process easy and fun for participants. Event participants can easily sign-up using the online fundraising event registration interface. After registering, they can then create their own personalized fundraising page where they may post personal mission statements, photos and personal fundraising goals. They now have a great place to direct family, friends, neighbors and relatives to tell their story and provide an easy way for potential donors to make contributions. Donors can make secure online pledges to individual and teams directly through the fundraising site. Participants can also monitor their progress with a fundraising thermometer that measures their current progress against their fundraising goals.

In previous years, participants would fill out registration forms, and then receive pledge sheets or donation envelopes, which they’d take to neighbors, work and church asking family and friends to make a donation to support their cause. Participants collected cash or check (due to the inability to process credit cards) which limited the amount donors could contribute, and created more time, and documentation work for each participant. With an online fundraising solution, instead of going door-to-door, participants can send out an email to all their contacts with a link to their personalized fundraising page, where they can process donations online. Event participants may also post messages within their social networking circles (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) directing friends, followers, and fans to their online donations page.

Learn more about the various types of online fundraising software solutions available. For more creative event ideas, fundraising tips, creative event ideas, “how-to” planning guidelines, and various downloadable sample templates, visit our fundraising resource center.