Online Giving Campaigns

Online Giving

Implementing online giving as part of your overall fundraising campaign provides a great opportunity for your organization to raise more money for your cause. This is not to say that traditional methods don’t work. In fact, direct mail campaigns are still very effective in securing donations from previous donors. However, it is a fact that “online giving” is growing… and fast! Therefore, considering how to integrate online giving as part of your overall fundraising campaign is a must in order for your organization to maximize fundraising results and reach NEW potential donors.

Benefits of Online Giving

A recent study conducted by “Target Analysis Group and Donor Digital” shows some great benefits of online giving campaigns:

  • Online giving provides a great way to source NEW donors! The study shows that more than half of online donors were new. So if you are looking at extending your reach beyond current and past donors and supporters, online fundraising via the Internet provides an excellent medium for spreading the word to new audiences.
  • Online donors are often younger and wealthier, and tend to give more than offline donors ($57 vs. $33)

Integrating Online Giving with Traditional Fundraising

One important aspect of online giving is integrating a strategy that blends traditional solicitation efforts with online giving opportunities. Letters still work… especially when you provide people with an easy way to respond (i.e. self addressed and stamped envelope) But provide other options as well. Create a fundraising website where donors can easily learn more about your mission and your goals. Collect email addresses and send an email letter with a link to your fundraising website. You can also post a link to this site on your organization’s home page. This provides an easy way for potential donors to find you and make safe and secure online donations with the click of a button.

Another benefit of online giving is the ability to direct potential donors, participants, volunteers and sponsors to one place where updated information about your fundraising campaign is available. For example, if you are hosting a fundraising event, the website can provide easy registration tools, up-to-date event details, maps, sponsor logos, a fundraising thermometer to track progress against goals, and much more!

Managing Online Giving with Fundraising Software

Online giving programs are easier to manage than traditional fundraising campaigns where various forms were distributed and cash donations had to be accounted for. Fundraising software helps administrators increase efficiencies while reducing time and resources. An overview of capabilities includes: event management tools, participant registrations, sponsor and volunteer coordination, various tracking and reporting functions, in addition to providing a secure, safe place for donors to make online donations.