New Participant Control Panel

New Participant Control Panel

Whether you are running a walk-a-thon or other pledge event, holding an online auction, or taking recurring donations online, your constituents use the DoJiggy Participant Control Panel. All event and initiative participants that register with a username and password have the ability to log-into the DoJiggy Participant Control Panel, effect their accounts, and help your organization raise money.

We have released a completely new and improved Participant Control Panel. This system was specifically designed for ease of use and simplicity. But don’t be fooled by the simple and sleek design because all of the functionality that you are accustomed to with your current DoJiggy Participant Control Panel is still available.

Your participants will have the ability to do the following:

Pledge module

  • Personalize their fundraising page under the section My Webpage. This includes their fundraising goal, personal statement, photo upload, and personalized thank you to donors.
  • Enter and review donations and pledges. This function is used for donations received outside of the system or in person.
  • When reviewing donations and pledges, your participants can easily send thank you emails to their donors. Of course, DoJiggy currently sends an auto-generated thank you from your organization, but personal thank-yous are always appreciated.
  • Send emails to friends and family, inviting them to donate online.
  • Review the specific instructions for your Pledge event.
  • Update their personal profile.

Golf & Events modules

  • Update information on their product purchases.
  • Update the answers to any custom questions.
  • Update their personal profile.
  • Captains can edit their team information, as well.

Donations module

  • Update their credit card and personal profile.

New Participant Control Panel

Come check out the look and feel of the new DoJiggy Participant Control Panel!

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  2. Auction
  3. Golf
  4. Events
  5. Donations