DoJiggy Releases Fundraising Widgets

Fundraising Widgets

Boulder, CO (August 28, 2014) – Online fundraising software provider, DoJiggy releases new fundraising widgets to help clients drive traffic to their fundraising websites. A fundraising widget is a graphic that an organization can use to help promote their cause and drive traffic to their fundraising website with an instructional button using words such as: “Donate Now” or “Make a Pledge.” Fundraising widgets allow organizations to reach more people and raise more money for their charity by providing a simple call to action for supporters.

How does a DoJiggy fundraising widget work?

Nonprofit and community organizations that use DoJiggy’s fundraising software solutions to manage fundraising events and collect online donations receive a website as part of their software package. Here organizers share details of the upcoming fundraising event, register participants, and collect online donations. One important goal then becomes getting people to visit the fundraising website! DoJiggy fundraising widgets were designed to do just that.

DoJiggy created fundraising widgets as a clear call to action. The simple pre-designed buttons make it easier for an organization to drive traffic to their fundraising website, therefore increasing registrations, donations, auction bids, sponsorships and more.

With DoJiggy’s new fundraising widgets, an organization simply selects the button of their liking and adds the associated HTML to the organization’s website, company blog, partner websites, social circles and more.

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