DoJiggy Releases Multimedia Fundraising Pages


Boulder, CO (August 30, 2012): — Online fundraising software provider, DoJiggy LLC, releases new multimedia personal and team fundraising pages.

The new fundraising pages allow pledge event participants to personalize their individual and team fundraising pages by easily uploading any combination of up to four photos or YouTube videos. This multimedia photo and video gallery format gives the individual fundraiser the opportunity to make a more compelling appeal to prospective donors and supporters by telling their story and making a strong connection with the cause of the fundraiser. In addition, this new gallery format will allow for more exposure for the event organizer by allowing them to insert an organizational call to action video, while the participant can still provide media elements that are compelling at the personal level.

DoJiggy’s new multimedia fundraising pages are not only simple for participants to create and manage, but are very easy to navigate for visitors who are interested in making an online donation or learning more about an upcoming fundraiser. In addition to the photos and videos, the fundraising pages display the amount of donations and pledges received with comments from the donors, the percentage of the fundraiser’s goal achieved to date, a personal appeal from the fundraiser, and the number of days before the fundraising event. The multimedia pages also provide sharing widgets so visitors can easily send an email to a friend or share the website on Facebook or Twitter helping to spread the word and drive more traffic to the fundraising website.

Participants are the key to success in any pledge based fundraiser, explains Rod Murillo, Director of Technology at DoJiggy. If we can improve our fundraising software in order to make collecting donations and pledges easier and more personable for participants, this will ultimately result in greater success for the organization.

For more information about the multimedia fundraising pages, or how online fundraising software can help your organization maximize revenue and minimize costs at your next fundraising event, please contact DoJiggy sales at 888-436-1999 x2.

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