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Church Donation Software

Why use church donation software?

Church Donation Software allows today's churches to connect with and tap into their constituency throughout the week. Churches who use Church Donation Software are much more likely to attain fundraising goals and build needed capital for their church, than churches who collect donations only in the traditional way. We strive to assist organizations of faith in fulfilling their missions by providing comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost-effective online fundraising software solutions to help you build lasting relationships with your congregation and community, while raising money to support your worthy causes.

DoJiggy offers affordable, easy-to-use church donation software (church tithing software) that allows donors to safely and securely make one-time or recurring donations to your church, while enabling administrators to easily track donor history. Our church donation software, called DoJiggy Donations, is simple, effective, and easy-to-use, allowing your church or organization of faith to save valuable time and resources. There are no excessive transaction fees, technical support fees, set-up fees or costly add-ons.

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Church Event Fundraising Software

DoJiggy also provides event fundraising software perfect for managing church fundraiser events such as: mission trips, youth fundraisers, church walk-a-thons, charity golf tournaments, and more. With our event fundraising software solutions, participants can easily register online, create a personal fundraising page, and collect online donations from friends, family and associates. Read more about fundraiser ideas for churches.

Fundraising Software Features & Benefits

  • All fundraising software solutions include a complete customizable fundraising website to easily connect with your congregation and constituents.
  • Your web-based software package includes a secure administration area where you can manage your tithing and donor records, manage registrations, pledges, organize details for fundraising events, and generate numerous reports.
  • Software solutions can be integrated with the industry's top payment processors, so you manage the intake of your money.
  • DoJiggy is one of the only online fundraising software providers that does NOT charge transaction fees on registrations, donations, or other transactions.

We believe that DoJiggy's online fundraising software tools will save your church valuable time and resources, allowing you to raise more funds and focus on your mission.

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