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Church Fundraising

An Overview

Church Fundraising has become a popular way for church groups to raise money for specific causes and to help supplement income - especially in an economy where financial budgets are tight. If you've been chosen to organize a church fundraising program, you may be wondering where to start. In order to help you in your planning efforts, we've created some useful guidelines for organizing church fundraisers to help you be successful in your planning efforts.

Guidelines to Assist in Planning a Successful Church Fundraiser

  1. Creating a Plan & Establish Goals: Discuss your goals with the congregation and the resources that are available. Determine how much money your church needs to accomplish your goals, when it's needed, and estimate costs for fundraising initiatives.
  2. Identify Fundraising Sources: Create a list of potential donors and approach them for support. This list can include local businesses, members of the church, friends and family.
  3. Define your messaging: What is the purpose of your fundraising event and how is your message connected to the Gospel and church?
  4. Promote Your Church Fundraiser:
    • Announce the fundraising initiative on your church website along with a link for "how to donate".
    • Post an announcement in your church calendar of events or on community bulletins.
    • Utilize community gatherings! Make announcements at your weekly church services and use gatherings to recruit volunteers, gather donations, etc.
    • Encourage members of your church to spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors.
  5. Create a Timeline and Checklist - Start planning months in advance (if possible). There are a number of items that should be included on your checklist such as:
    • Recruiting volunteers.
    • Producing communications, flyers, posters for bulletins, etc.
    • Determine fundraising event logistics (date, location, vendor needs, etc.)
    • Implement systems for collecting donations, managing money, tracking performance.
      • DoJiggy Churches offers Church Contributions Software to assist you with processing and tracking donations and managing the details of your church fundraising initiatives.

Benefits of Church fundraising

  1. Strengthening of faith.
  2. Raising funds for further development of church resources and educational programs.
  3. Bringing people and talents together in new, fun ways outside of typical worship.
  4. Providing great opportunities to socialize and get to know members of the congregation.

Before taking on any church fundraising initiatives, pray together as a congregation and ask God to guide you with your efforts. With Him helping, your church is sure to take the right path See Church Fundraising Ideas for more detail on our favorite fundraising events!

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