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Donation Website

Many nonprofits and community organizations are interested in setting up a donation website for their fundraising campaigns. A donation website is an online portal where organization can share information about their cause and ask constituents to engage by making online donations.

DoJiggy Donations comes with an easy-to-use donation website where your supporters can easily take action to support your cause by making a one-time donation or setting up a profile for recurring donations. Our donation software also provides a back-end area to help administrators manage your fundraiser, track progress, collect and store donor data, and generate reports.

Setting up a Donation Website with DoJiggy - as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Set Up Your Donation Website: DoJiggy offers easy-to-use templates to help you create a customized donation website. You'll want your donation website to match the look and feel of your brand so donors feel comfortable that they are donating to your cause. You'll also want a donation website that transcends across all digital platforms. Mobile optimized fundraising websites allow constituents to make donations from their phone or mobile device, and also allows administrators to track progress at any time.
  2. Select your payment processing provider. In order to collect online donations on your donation website, you'll need to select a payment processing solution. Processing donations directly allows your organization to save more of the money received through your donation website. DoJiggy Merchant Services provides safe and secure credit card processing solutions that integrate seamlessly with your donation website. (And, new merchant services accounts receive a free donation website for the first year). If you already have a preferred payment processor, no worries. DoJiggy works with many other companies so you can still have a donation website, but choose to manage the intake of your money.
  3. Promote your fundraiser! Now that you have a donation website, you still have to spread the word. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your donation website. Share the link or include a fundraising widget (i.e Donate Now button) from your organizational website to start. DoJiggy has also integrated social widgets on all of our website templates, so supporters can easily share the URL on their social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Include a Donate Now button on all of your emails and donation request letters to your database.

Start collecting online donations today on your easy-to-use, customized donation website!

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