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Finding the right fundraising software for your nonprofit can be a huge contributor to success. We're here to help!

fundraising software for nonprofitsFundraising software for nonprofits helps organizations raise more money through online fundraising campaigns. Fundraising software helps to reduce costs and minimize resources by providing easy-to-use management tools for administrators. Organizers can easily track donor information and fundraising progress, manage fundraising event details, sponsorships, product sales, and generate numerous reports to help evaluate the success of the fundraising campaign. Fundraising software also makes things easier for participants and donors as they can easily register for fundraising events and safely make online donations (rather than sending in checks or paying with cash).

Fundraising software for nonprofits also allows your organization to raise more money by extending the reach of their giving campaigns. With online software tools, your nonprofit can take fundraising campaign online where you can reach a much larger audience and spread more awareness for your cause. Easily share a link to your fundraising website from your organization website with a simple "donate now" fundraising widget. You can also post links from your social networks, and send email campaigns directing people to your donation website where they can easily make an online donation. What used to take multiple weeks of planning and results can now be accomplished in a few easy steps! You don't have to draft, print and mail donation request letters and then wait for weeks for potential donors to respond. You can see immediate results as donors can simply click right through to your donation page.

If managing a fundraising campaign with limited resources and effort sounds appealing, we're here to help.

DoJiggy Offers Affordable, Easy-to-Use Fundraising Software for Nonprofits.

DoJiggy's fundraising software solutions

DoJiggy provides a complete suite of fundraising software solutions for all of the most popular and most effective nonprofit fundraising events and initiatives. Our fundraising software solutions were designed with nonprofit organizations in mind. We know you don't have a huge budget, which is why you are fundraising in the first place! We charge an affordable flat-fee (starting at only $249), and we never take a percentage of donations raised. We think it's more important that the money you raise goes directly to your cause (this is very different philosophy for many of our competitors). We also offer our own certified merchant services that seamlessly integrates with your fundraising website, while offering the safest protection and lowest credit card processing rates.

Fundraising Software for Nonprofits - Product Overview:
We offer a variety of software solutions to meet the specific needs of your fundraisers.

  • Our pledge software offers a complete registration and peer-to-peer management system for walk-a-thons, bowl-a-thons, golf-a-thons, School Fun Runs, and any other type of event where individual and/or team participants collect and track donations and pledges for your organization. Each participant can easily create and manage their personal fundraising page, which includes pictures or videos, a personal statement and individual fundraising goal. Donors can make secure online pledges to individuals or teams, and all payments and financial progress are tracked throughout the event.
  • Our donation software offers a secure online donation website and year-round donation management system. Donors can make a one-time donation or set-up a profile for recurring giving on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. In Honor Of or In Memory Of donations are supported as are custom questions. As with all of our products, your webpage is easy to create and fully customizable. DoJiggy is the only industry leader that does NOT charge transaction fees on your online donations.
  • Our golf tournament software is a complete online registration and management system for fundraising golf tournaments. DoJiggy Golf manages individual and four-some registration, product sales, sponsor/sponsorship promotion and management, team pairing and hole assignments, as well as many other administrative event management and financial reporting functions.
  • Our event management software is a complete web-based event registration and management system for fundraising events such as: galas, conferences, and virtually any other type of fundraising event which requires registration and/or ticket sales. DoJiggy Events manages individual and group registration, product sales, sponsor/sponsorship promotion and management, and other administrative event management and financial reporting functions.

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Whether your nonprofit hosts an annual fund drive, or is planning a fundraising event such as a walk-a-thon event a charity golf tournament... utilizing fundraising software for nonprofits can help your organization be more efficient in your planning efforts while raising more money for your cause. Try DoJiggy out today!

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