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Online Fundraising Campaign Thanks to The Fundraising Authority, DoJiggy is happy to sponsor a FREE class that covers all the "do's" and "don'ts" to help your nonprofit or community organization succeed with your online fundraiser. The class includes an in-depth guide to help you run a successful online fundraising campaign, as well as a podcast with great tips to help you promote your fundraiser online.

How to Run a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign

Topics Covered:

    • Listen to an in-depth podcast with guidelines to help you promote your fundraiser online

  • Find out more about the four "key principles" of raising money online
    1. Relationships Matter
    2. You have to "ASK" for donations and help spreading the word
    3. Use TRUST to your advantage
    4. Create a compelling message that is "spreadable" online
  • Learn the necessary steps to take to launch your online fundraising campaign:
    1. Design a message that's concise & emotionally compelling and have a concrete goal
    2. Create a campaign "hub" - the online location where you collect online donations, register participants/sponsors, and host all the info about your fundraiser (i.e. fundraising website)
    3. Put together fundraising evangelists - people who will spread the word about your campaign
    4. Launch your campaign & spread your message - continue to reach out to constituents & encourage participants to communicate
    5. Track results & progress of your campaign
    6. Wrap up the campaign & steward your online donors
  • See how using online fundraising software to manage your fundraiser can help your organization achieve greater results using fewer resources

Be sure to visit The Fundraising Authority to download a copy of the FREE class!

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